Jingle... Perls?

Perl 6.0 promised for Christmas

Christmas has come early for Perl practitioners, with Perl 6.0 officially unveiled by Larry Wall. More than a decade late, the announcement is still being taken with a grain of salt by some, but the language’s creator assures us that work is most definitely progressing.

The holy trinity of issue tracking

New JIRA platform unveiled by Atlassian

Atlassian, creator of the popular issue tracker JIRA, has announced a major change to its flagship product. JIRA will now be split into three independent products for specific departments.

Puzzle time!

5 weird Java questions that’ll make your head spin

Like testing yourself? Alex Zhitnitsky has a great set of Java puzzles to baffle even the most die-hard Java coders. Explore the more unusual side of Java with this quiz, but be warned: They’re not meant to be used in real-life Java applications!

The King is dead – long live the King!

Vagrant has been usurped: All hail Otto

Move over Vagrant – you’ve been overthrown. HashiCorp’s newest tool for developing and deploying any application is better, faster and stronger than its predecessor. Otto aims to make microservices easier for developers to work with and is super smart to boot.