See Michiel Rook speak at JAX DevOps on 4 April 2017 in London!

The Strangler Pattern in practice

We’re very excited for Michiel Rook’s talk at JAX DevOps. Here, he explains the strangler pattern and how it can be applied when rewriting a large, legacy code base. (No serial killers, we promise!)

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Top 10 Java stories of March

Readers seemed to be diving deep into the archives of JAXenter this month. Our top favorites included how to build a REST API, the all new Angular 4, and the evergreen NetBeans or IntelliJ debate.

Write better code with SonarLint

SonarLint — Bug hunting season is open

What if your IDE could teach you why some coding is bad, show you best practices, and give you examples of fixes? In this post, Julien Henry explains how SonarLint —accessible from the Eclipse Marketplace— can help you code better.

I just have a lot of feelings, okay?

17 gifs that truly express my feels for Angular 4

Listen, we’ve all been there. Angular 2 was… tolerable. But everything changed when Angular 4 was released earlier this week. Let’s work our way through the emotional rollercoaster that was this software release.

As explained by Java Champion Josh Juneau

Looking at the brand new JSF 2.3: New features for an old favorite

JSF has been around forever but it’s still near and dear to our hearts. In this article, Josh Juneau explains some of the newest features of this old workhorse, including the new API enhancements, CDI alignment improvements, and even some timely updates.

JAXenter survey: Technology trends 2017

Top databases in 2017: Trends for SQL, NoSQL, Big Data, Fast Data

What are the top trends in databases in 2017? What are the hottest data processing technologies and which ones have been left out? The answer lies in our annual JAXenter survey. Eager to see the results? Then let’s waste no more time.

Unleashing the extreme power of today’s CPUs with a stream-oriented architecture

Financial portfolio management with Java on steroids

Unleashing the extreme power of today’s CPUs with a stream-oriented architecture! Marcus Gründler’ JAX Finance session will show you how to achieve speed improvements of a factor of 100-200 times compared to classic object-oriented design.

Interview with Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance

Blockchain without smart card technology is like a house without a roof

Blockchain and smart card technology go together like cheese and wine. Why, you ask? We talked to Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance about their newly-launched white paper, organizations’ need for blockchain, smart card technology and blockchain’s potential in IoT.