Modeling and simulation with Eclipse ICE and EAVP

In this article, Jay Jay Billings, member of the Computer Science Research Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, explains how to do modeling and simulation with Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment & Eclipse Advanced Visualization Platform (EAVP).

[Bit]coin flipping

What a year can do for blockchain

Blockchain adoption is gaining momentum not only in banking but also in the enterprise. The first sign that 2016 was going to be a good year for blockchain was the amount of money invested into blockchain companies: almost $300 million in the first half of 2016. The second sign was that blockchain consortia began to spring up like mushrooms after the rain. But will it be smooth sailing from here on?

“If you can cache everything in a very efficient way, you can often change the game”

Netflix OSS: Change the game with Hollow

Netflix Hollow is a Java library and comprehensive toolset for harnessing small to moderately sized in-memory datasets which are disseminated from a single producer to many consumers for read-only access. It is built with servers busily serving requests at or near maximum capacity in mind and its aim is to address the scaling challenges of in-memory datasets. Let’s see the advantages that come from using Netflix Hollow.

Eclipse Triquetrum — An open platform for scientific workflows

In this article, Erwin De Ley, co-founder of iSencia Belgium and lead developer of Passerelle, and Christopher Brooks, Ptolemy Software Janitor at the University of California, Berkeley, showcase an open platform for scientific workflows called Eclipse Triquetrum.

After 2 comes... 4

Move over 3 — Angular 4 is the next version

The Angular team is proving that one should not worry about version numbers; instead, we should treat everything under the Angular umbrella as.. well, Angular. Although we were expecting to see Angular 3 in March 2017, turns out that number 4 is coming instead. The next months will be dedicated to wrapping up Angular 4.

Decisions, decisions

Functional programming vs. object-oriented programming

In this article, Lucas Dohmen, a consultant at InnoQ, is weighing in on the differences between functional programming and object-oriented programming. He concludes that instead of wondering whether FP is better than OO, people should ask themselves the following question: What concepts and ideas help me to write better code?