It's time for a shout out to Java influencers

Top 20 social influencers in Java

Who are the most influential Java people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every Java enthusiast or pro should be following.


Cloud Dataflow quickstart in Java

In this article JAX London speaker Martin Gorner shows you how to set up your Google Cloud Platform project to use Cloud Dataflow, create a Maven project with the Cloud Dataflow SDK and examples, and run an example pipeline using the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Perspectives on technology

Creating a digital hexagonal tile map (Part 1)

One of the most difficult aspects of developing a game is one in which the genre you would like to develop for is such a niche area of development that standardized tools have yet to be created for it. With a lack of some level of standardized tools for such development, this realm of gaming has probably become one of the most difficult areas in creative activity within the game development field. There are several reasons for this.

While you were away

#AboutLastWeek: Serverless cloud, awards and a fruitful JCP EC meeting

Each Monday we take a step back and analyze what has happened in the previous week. Last week JAX London speaker Bart Blommaerts gave us an introduction into the serverless cloud and we asked you to nominate the technologies, companies, organizations or persons that have brought significant innovation to the Java ecosystem. Nominations are still open, so there’s still time to vote.

Microservices checklist — Part 2

“The size of a microservice is the size of the team that is building it”

No software architect can resist the temptation to talk about their experience with microservices. We launched an interview series with experts who talked about the benefits and challenges of microservices, when people should not use them and what impact they have on an organization. Our second interviewee is Aviran Mordo, the head of engineering at Wix.

Interview with DevOps evangelist Anton Weiss

“The codebase is a minefield —there will be casualties”

Continuous Delivery is the antidote for stressful, scary and fragile releases. A proper CD pipeline gives us the certainty that most of the mines got detected and disarmed and even if anything was overlooked, we have a way to quickly revert the damage. We invited Anton Weiss, Principal Consultant and CEO at Otomato and DevOps evangelist, to talk about the pitfalls of not putting continuous delivery into practice and the advantages of having a proper CD pipeline.

JCP Executive Committee Meeting

JCP EC Meeting: Planned date for Java EE 8 will change

The conclusions drawn at Java Community Process’ most recent Executive Committee Meeting did not help shed too much light on the future of Java EE or the (hopefully) upcoming Java EE 8, but we learned that Oracle is talking to large Java EE vendors, and will soon consult with community members such as Java Champions and Java User Groups.

The wait is over

Go 1.7 is here


Go 1.7 has been released! The most significant changes are a port for Linux on IBM z Systems (s390x), compiler improvements, the addition of the context package, as well as support for hierarchical tests and benchmarks. This release maintains the Go 1 promise of compatibility.