jBPM 4 (GA) is out

jBPM 4 has been released, informs Tom Baeyens, founder and lead of JBoss jBPM. You can get started with the […]

Interview with Wassim Melhelm

Wassim Melhelm has been project lead of the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) at IBM and held a keynote at the W-JAX in Munich “From Eclipse to Reality”.

Improved Eclipse Integrated Structure Analysis

This article gives a brief introduction to structure analysis using STAN, a static code analysis tool bringing together Java development and quality assurance in a natural way. STAN encourages developers and project managers in visualizing their design, understanding code, measuring quality and reporting design fl aws. STAN supports a set of carefully selected metrics, suitable to cover the most important Aspects of structural quality. Special focus has been set on visual dependency analysis, a key to structure analysis. STAN seamlessly integrates into the development process. That way, developers take care about design quality right from the start. Project managers use STAN as a monitoring and reporting tool.

George F. Colony: On the Voyage to Business Technology

George F. Colony is founder and CEO of the independent technology and market research company Forrester Research. At the end of 2006, he has published “My View: IT to BT” in which he announced the necessary change from Information Technology (IT) to Business Technology (BT). The Business Technology magazine had the opportunity to talk with George Colony about the progress of this change and the change in the self-understanding of IT and the new challenges for business and IT executives.