Predictions For SAP In 2010

Bernard Escherich, an SAP strategic solution architect for healthcare, defence and public security and higher education, outlined his predictions for […]

Interview with Craig Russell on JPA 2.0

Craig Russell is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. He is specification lead for Java Data Objects (JSR 12 and 243) and leads the implementation team for its reference implementation and technology compatibility kit. In this interview we asked him about the new JPA 2.0 version, about persistence in general and the future of O/R mapping.

Interview with Charles Nutter: We were unable to plan the future

Yesterday we heard the news, that the JRuby team at Sun –Charles Nutter, Thomas Enebo and Nick Sieger – are leaving the company and heading to Rails application hosting company Engine Yard. We talked to Charles Nutter to find out the circumstances and the future of JRuby.