The week in Java

Java Weekly 43/15: JDK9 Modules, Reusability and Lambdas

Thorben Janssen is back with this week’s Java news featuring a new issue of the Java Specialists Newsletter, Mark Reinhold’s latest Java 9 article and some important skills for all the software architects out there. Check out the hottest Java links and more for the week.

"A sharder's tale"

Failure, DevOps and data migration at Etsy

Etsy engineer Bethany Macri speaks about the company’s decision to move from Postgres to MySQL and the tools and workplace culture their software has used to take a successful DevOps approach.

Jeremy Deane interview

What happens when you blame a developer for a problem?

What is the right technical and cultural response to the failure of a highly available system? At the JAX London, software architecture expert Jeremy Deane lead two sessions on the importance of resiliency and the challenges of technical change – we spoke to him about diffusion techniques and blameless work culture.