See you in October: Sincere thanks to everyone who made JAX DevOps and JAX Finance such a success! More photos and quotes to come.
Interview with Kai Tödter

„For me, browsers are the new Rich Client Platforms“

Elegant web applications can be built with AngularJS, Typescript and Spring Boot. The method will be explained during Kai Tödter’s workshop (Siemens) at the JAX conference; he will also dive into the eternal war between JavaScript and TypeScript and explain the way REST and HATEOAS work. He offered us a preview of what his workshop is all about.

Cloud, Internet of Things and a whole array of prognoses for security

7 Security Predictions: The whole world wants in on cybercrime!

2016 has a lot in store for us if you ask Christophe Birkeland, the CTO of Malware Analysis at BlueCoat Systems. Some are constructive, others are destructive but they all represent the reality that surrounds us and they all have a part to play this year.

Java LOLs

The top Java viral jokes

Do you know how other developers react when Java developers talk? Or how Oracle does math? Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between coding academic Java and enterprise Java? Share a laugh with us as we reveal the most-shared gifs, code and jokes about Java programmers.

Good news, bad news

Soon-to-be-obsolete IT skills vs programming techniques that will always be in demand

More and more people are concerned about the rise of robots and how they may take over jobs from certain industries. IT masters are now divided into two groups: one which insists that programming will always be in demand and one that points out the skills which may soon become obsolete. Before choosing one of these scenarios, let’s point out the facts and allow arguments to do the heavy lifting.