Taking out the trash

JEP 363: Remove the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) Garbage Collector

A new Java enhancement proposal, JEP 363, has graduated from being a simple draft. It proposes to remove the Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collector, which was deprecated two years ago to accelerate the development of other collectors. Let’s take a closer look at the future of Java.

TIOBE Index for November 2019

Top programming languages for November 2019: C gets an A+

Every month, we keep tabs on the TIOBE Index to see which programming languages are rising up the charts. The November 2019 update sees a few changes, including a slight rise for C and Python. TIOBE predicts that it is possible for C to overtake Java and become number 1 again by the end of the year. Meanwhile, what is Dice saying about the top paid programming languages?

Time to make a change

Git 2.24 adopts Contributor Covenant code of conduct

The newest version of Git arrived on November 3, 2019. What’s new in the open source project? Git 2.24 includes a number of notable features, bug fixes, and changes, including commit graphs enabled by default, and a newly adopted code of conduct. Let’s browse through the release notes and talk about some of the new features.

Advantages of a service mesh, done simply

Maesh launches as a new lightweight and open source service mesh

Looking for a service mesh? A service mesh can help coordinate and monitor data and microservices communications across applications. Maesh is built on top of Traefik, an open source cloud-native edge router also known for its simplicity-by-design. This article explores its architecture, how it works, and how to install it.

Bringing developers together

How to supercharge innovation with a Dev Day

The company Cimpress recently began implementing Dev Days, a day for developers, by developers, focused on education and skill-building. Dev Days encourages innovation and allows for developers to keep up with new technology, learn new skills, and be more proactive about their learning. Setting up your own Dev Days event is easy!

What Google, GitHub and artificial cats are doing for Halloween

Halloween Special 2019: Bats, cats and scary developer stories

Boo!—It’s that time of year again and spooky things are happening in the tech world. We’ve compiled a Halloween collection of scary database stories, games and more. Find out what horrors await when dev, test, and prod are all on the same server, as well as what GitHub and Google have in store for us this year. Let’s dive into our Halloween special, but only if you’re not afraid of getting nightmares.

Reaching full transparency between teams

Why documentation is not enough to reach transparency in Scrum

The three pillars of Scrum are transparency, inspection, and adaption. However, using documentation as the main way of achieving transparency is perhaps not as good an idea as it may seem. In this article, find out some of the reasons why documentation may still be propping up barriers between different departments and how to break down silos.