Interview with Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of Simple Token

Tokenization as a Service: How blockchain will find its way into the mainstream

Blockchain has the potential to go mainstream. Jason Goldberg, CEO and founder of Simple Token tells us how this can be achieved. He also talks about his personal project, which aims to drastically simplify the utilization of blockchain technology. In short, Simple Token‘s goal is to fundamentally change the way companies use (and interact with) blockchain.

Interview with George Giaglis, Professor of eBusiness at the Athens University of Economics and Business

“Blockchain has the potential to create a new Internet layer”

Blockchain is everywhere but, if you ask George Giaglis, Professor of eBusiness at the Athens University of Economics and Business, he will tell you that “we have not even scratched the surface of the applications that will be possible in a future world augmented by distributed ledger technology.” We caught up with him to talk about the sought-after blockchain skill, where companies can find developers who possess this skill and how blockchain can help the sports industry reach new heights.

Go 2017 survey results are here

Go has earned companies’ trust: More developers use it at work now, survey shows

It’s that time of year again — the results of the Go 2017 user survey are here. What’s so special about this year’s results? The number of people who program in Go at work has grown considerably, which might be an indication that it is no longer just a ‘free time’ programming language.

Full speed ahead

Angular 2018 roadmap includes Ivy Renderer, Angular Elements, Bazel and more

Angular 6 (expected one month from now!) is packed with goodies such as Ivy Renderer beta, TypeScript 2.7 support, Package Format (APF) v6 and more. If you’d like to know what’s in store for Angular this year, you’re in luck — Brad Green, Angular platform engineering director at Google spilled the beans in a recent post.

Interview with Laurie Voss, co-founder and COO of npm

npm 5.7.0 takeaways: “We will make it even clearer to users when we publish a pre-release build”

Version 5.7.0 of npm caused quite a stir but the team reacted fast and released 5.7.1 less than a day later. We talked with Laurie Voss, co-founder and COO of npm about this issue and what npm is doing to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Laurie also revealed that there will be a clear indication if new versions are pre-release builds or stable releases from now on.

Spring is everywhere

Spring Tools for Eclipse IDE

Get started with the latest generation of Spring Boot for the Eclipse IDE! In this article, Martin Lippert goes over how you can work on large microservice applications that are based on Spring Boot with some helpful tips and tricks. Plus, a sneak peek at what’s in store for Spring Tools 4!