Watch Joakim Recht's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Running databases in Docker at scale

The use of docker containers for Java applications has become part of everyday project work. However, developers often shy away from running databases in docker containers. Joakim Recht (Uber) shows in his session at DevOpsCon 2018 how to use Docker for databases.

The new agile Manager

Agile misunderstandings

Self-organisation does not come to be by itself alone. It requires goals, competencies, methods and patterns of cooperation. Every agile coach knows of this and many made the experience that one cannot take all these things for granted, but that they must provide the environment for it.

New update from the open source framework

Build reactive microservices in latest Lagom release v1.5.0

The latest version of Lagom is production ready and available for all users. Lagom 1.5.0 improves on Akka Management and adds new incubating features, as well as a few changes. See what’s new in the open source, opinionated microservice framework.

Blockchain plus Java

Aion4j: two new tools for building smart contracts with Java

How do Java and the blockchain fit together? The BloxBean project released Aion4j, a set of Java development tools and frameworks that will help developers build smart contracts using the Aion Virtual Machine. Their proposed goals include increasing the productivity and confidence of smart contract developers.

Program sneak peak

JAX London 2019 program preview: Java, Microservices, DevOps & more

The program for JAX London 2019 offers a preview of just some of the sessions and workshops that will be available. It offers eight tracks, exploring topics such as Java, Microservices, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Cloud Infrastructure. This four-day conference runs from October 7-10, 2019 in the Business Design Centre in London.

What is the economic value of AI and AIOps?

In this article, Will Cappelli explains why any business that does not deploy AI will either be afflicted with making really terrible decisions or being drowned by the fixed costs of making good decisions.

Node.js v12 will become the next LTS release

Node.js v12 improves startup times and adds experimental diagnostic reports

The newest version of Node.js is here, with v12. This version is scheduled to become the long term support release in October 2019. It includes new features, improves start up times, updates to Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, better default heap limits, and several more features and improvements.