Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: Blazing hot GitHub repos in June 2019

Put on your sunscreen, because these repos are hot! This month, some of our favorite GitHub repos for June 2019 include a new open source programming language that takes inspiration from Go, a robotics platform built in Python, and a repo full of Kubernetes failure stories that will have you laughing and learning.

Turn these tips to into success

7 essential tips to develop a blockchain Android app

When Blockchain is appropriately configured, it can provide a decentralized solution that reduces intermediates, enhances transparency while securing the data and eliminating unauthorized access. Why integrate blockchain with Android? Catch these seven tips from Payal Goyal and learn how to develop your blockchain app.

Are you performing your due diligence?

Developers need to remain diligent at one-year mark of GDPR

It may seem like yesterday, but we have already reached the one-year mark since the enforcement of GDPR. Are you performing your due diligence? In this article, Chris Jordan explains why developers need always respect GDPR.

There is indeed some catching up to do!

Enterprise security must catch up with API innovation

When it comes to API security, even companies with world-class security teams like Facebook and Google are getting caught off guard. In this article, Bernard Harguindeguy offers 12 must-have best practices for protecting API infrastructure from hacking and abuses.

Watch Michiel Rook's JAX London 2018 session

Effective leadership in Agile/DevOps environments

What makes a leader an effective leader? In this keynote, Michiel Rook talks about various leadership theories, how they can be applied in practice, and his thoughts on leadership based on experience as a tech lead and scrum master and from military service.