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Time to get up and Go

Top 5 IDEs for Go

Golang is going places. If you need some advice on an IDE, then we’ve got you sorted. We take a look at some of the most popular IDEs for Go.

Highlights from the 2017 State of JavaScript report

How is JavaScript used across industries?

We have already discussed the overall results of the 2017 State of JavaScript report some months ago. But the data is so rich that analysis can go on forever! This time we have a quick look at some highlights concerning the usage of JavaScript across different industries.

Change your workflow

Increased developer productivity with cloud-native

How can cloud-native shake up the traditional workflow? Cloud-native tools are appealing to many developers, and it is easy to see how. In this article, Senior Product Manager at Heptio Ross Kukulinski discusses why cloud-native is a developer’s dream.

Making our list, checking it twice

What’s definitely in Jakarta EE?

Confused about what’s going on with Jakarta EE? We take a look at what’s going on now that it’s hanging out at the Eclipse Foundation. Here’s what we know so far.

It's test time!

The ins and outs of testing blockchain apps

Testing blockchain applications is a unique challenge with its own technical and theoretical underpinning. Learn more about the essential tools and techniques that are specific to blockchain app testing.

Get a professional opinion on the matter

If you’re ignoring DevOps, you’re wasting money

As the business value of DevOps has come around as quite profound an impact, DevOps consulting companies have gained momentum. In this article, Ajeet Singh goes through the challenges you face without DevOps.

Part two of three

IoT for web developers: From zero to firmware

In part one of Andreas Schmidt’s IoT series, we started with PlatformIO, an open source ecosystem for IoT development. In part two, Andreas Schmidt walks us through the first steps of using it from zero to running firmware.

Interview with Byron Nicolaides, president at CEPIS

“Understanding the language of computers will be what separates the educated from the ignorant masses of tomorrow”

Code runs everything. And as coding increasingly becomes one of the most highly priced skillsets globally, digital literacy and the future of coding becomes a central issue among the community. Here, we talk to Byron Nicolaides, president Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) about the importance of digital literacy, the future of coding, CEPIS’ mission and more.

The right tool for the right job

Top 5 development tools for Ethereum

Last year’s bitcoin craze may have popularized this new technology, but the underlying structure for blockchain is solid. Today, we take a look at five of our favorite tools for developing Ethereum.

Looking to the future

The state of machine learning in 2018

The future of digital technology is here. 2017 saw incredible progression for things like data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Where will they go in 2018? In this article, Maria Thomas explores the future of data science and how well it can be combined with predictive analysis.

Most clicked news

Top 10 Java stories of June: Eclipse Photon is here!

Summer smells all around and I am pretty sure everyone can’t help but run to the nearest beach! But before we go, let’s take a look at the top Java stories of June, from the outbreak of the “git wars” to the Nashorn JavaScript Engine’s demise, all the way to the grand release of Eclipse Photon!