New report examines sexism in the workplace

Women in tech: Have you faced gender-based discrimination?

A recent survey by Girls Who Code examined the experiences of young college-aged women entering their first internship. The results showed that roughly half of women have experienced some form of negative experience, ranging from inappropriate remarks to biased technical exercises. A question for women in tech: Have you faced gender-based discrimination or bias in the workplace?

Haunting development mistakes

Things that can haunt front end developers

The lines between front end and back end development are shifting. What are some common mistakes that will cause front end developers headaches, wasted time, and nightmares about untested code? Find out how you can prevent some haunting mistakes in this article by Ronita Mohan.

Blockchain – Fair Is Fair, Even in a Decentralized World

Centralized services risk being manipulated from within, but decentralized solutions come with their own drawbacks. How can we use blockchain and distributed ledger technology to build a trustworthy platform that cannot be manipulated and that orders transactions quickly and correctly? Hedera Hashgraph Product Manager, Donald Thibeau shares his thoughts.

Rolling out the new update

Kotlin 1.3.50: New APIs and improved Java to Kotlin converter

The latest version of Kotlin arrives with a new time measurement and duration API preview, tooling improvements, plans for an improved Java to Kotlin converter, various debugging improvements, and more. Come check out the latest versioning and see what other news Kotlin has been keeping up its sleeve lately.

Monthly updates and improvements

GitLab 12.2 arrives with faster pipelines & design management strategy

The monthly GitLab update has arrived, right on time and with new features and capabilities. Take a look inside and see some of the newest highlights for version 12.2. This month introduces faster, more efficient pipelines, cross project merge request dependencies, performance upgrades, a new Design Management, and a few more goodies.

IoT solutions

Smart Home technology: Making life easier with automation

AI is integrating into all aspects of our lives, even into our home. As home automation tools are becoming more and more affordable, the smart home is no longer just for the rich. What does the future of home automation hold and how can smart homes save you money and energy consumption?

All aboard the GitHub train

OpenJFX to follow Java and migrate to GitHub

OpenJFX is currently hosted on Mercurial, but with Project Skara in the pipeline and JavaFX already partially on GitHub, Kevin Rushforth thinks it’s time to talk about moving OpenJFX there as well. It couldn’t have come at a better time because Bitbucket announced this week that they are shutting down Mercurial for good next summer.

The latest from GraalVM

GraalVM 19.2.0: Preview the Java Flight Recorder plugin

The most recent version of GraalVM is here! 19.2.0 includes a variety of bug fixes, compatibility improvements, and some brand new developer tools. Test out the preview for the Java Flight Recorder plugin and go on a tour of the newly updated versioning roadmap. Let’s have a look under the hood and see what’s new.

Standard library changes, new features & more

Julia v1.2.0: Technical computing gets updated with new library functions

What’s new with Julia? The latest update for the high-performance technical computing language has arrived and is ready to download. This is a minor update, so this means no breaking changes. However, it brings plenty of standard library changes, a handful of new features, and some minor changes. Meet Julia v1.2!

Big data powered future

Impact of big data on mobile application development

How does the rise in mobile app development affect big data? The amount of data continues to grow at unprecedented levels. As the total data produced will cross zettabyte level in a few years, big data analytics is required to be in the picture for high-level analytics and deriving valuable insights from the vast pool of data.