It's celebration time

One year of Automated Error Reporting

All Eclipse packages are now shipped with the Automated Error Reporting client (AERI). In this article Andreas Sewe, CTO at Codetrails, points out that it’s been a year since AERI became part of the Eclipse packages and looks back at how the Automated Error Reporting Initiative has helped fix Eclipse project bugs.

Time estimation for software testing

Testing is a very important part of a development process that allows to achieve the level of quality which enables the product to be released commercially. However, thoroughly going through every potential risk and covering it with test cases can take a long time. Often developers are forced to find the right balance between the time spent on testing and a release date.

Interview with Eduards Sizovs, leader of the Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community

“With the rise of the serverless movement, you only have to care about code”

It’s very easy for organizations to pick good practices from forward-looking companies and put them here and there, but truly effective teams are those that constantly question the status quo. We asked Eduards Sizovs, the leader of the Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community, to comment on the myth of one-size-fits-all Continuous Delivery, the importance of automation and more.

Interview with Xiangrui Meng, software engineer at Databricks

Apache MLlib — Making practical machine learning easy and scalable

Machine learning may sound futuristic, but its not. Speech recognition systems such as Cortana or Search in e-commerce systems have already showed us the benefits and challenges that go hand in hand with these systems. In our machine learning series we will introduce you to several tools that make all this possible. Second stop: MLlib, Apache Spark’s scalable machine learning library.

Interview with Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime

“DevOps is a critical step to achieving full agility”

Do agile and DevOps really go hand in hand in the real world? Can an agile transition be considered successful without DevOps? What do we need to understand about agile and DevOps? These are just a few questions that have remained unanswered. We talked to Zubin Irani, CEO at cPrime, a full-service consultancy that implements agile transformations and delivers agile solutions, about the importance of agile in today’s tech environment and what it means to be fully agile.

"To improve is to change"

How to keep the Internet of Things under control

In theory, the IoT will function smoothly as it grows over time. People will eventually get used to living in a fully connected world where everything they use has some connection to the web. That’s all good in theory, but in practice, getting the IoT to reach its full potential is proving to be an enormous challenge.