Next.js 3 has even more fun goodies to play around with

Next.js: A minimalistic, universal framework for JavaScript web apps

Next.js wants to be the next PHP of the internet, except for JavaScript. With a minimalist approach to server-rendered apps, this highly customizable framework is simple enough for beginners to get up and go. The newest version, Next.js 3 has even more fun goodies to play around with. Dig in!

Plus a sneak peek of what's to come in November

Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2 is here: Updates and benefits

Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2 is here and it builds on the 1.1 version, updates the Config API and adds the Health Check, Fault Tolerance, Metrics, and JWT Propagation APIs. Eclipse MicroProfile 1.3 and 2.0 should be released on the same day — November 17, 2017.

Not a question for your taste buds

Is Oreo better than Nougat?

At first glance, Android Oreo doesn’t seem to be too different from Nougat but if you dig deeper, you will find a number of new and improved features. Let’s put Oreo under the microscope.

Major revisions for Spring Data

Spring Data Kay is here

Spring Data’s long awaited Kay release is now live. What’s new for this release? Lots, including tons of new features, upgraded compatibility, and more fun for the whole Spring Data family.

One for the history books

Eclipse makes history in 18 years of JSRs

If you’ve looked at the Configuration JSR with technical eyes only, it’s easy to miss the significance of it. In this article, David Blevins explains why its impact on our industry is so much bigger than configuration.

Learning Java can be easy

The minute masterclass in Java

We all have to start somewhere. For those of us just starting out with Java, here are some tricks and tips from Veselin Pavlov on how to become a Java master.

Most clicked news

Top 10 Java stories of September

Fall is in full swing with leaves changing colors and crackling delightfully underfoot. Now it’s time to check in with what’s going on in the Java world. What did we read in September? Turns out, we were very interested in the long-awaited Java 9 release, energy-efficient programming languages, and the latest Angular updates.