Watch Hans-Christian Otto's International JavaScript Conference session

Testing React applications

When it comes to testing front-end applications, there’s a painless way. In this session, find out about pain-free React application testing, what rules you should follow, and how to simplify your experience. Hans-Christian Otto demonstrates various examples and offers solutions.

Stay up to date with JDK 14 news

Java 14: JDK 14 enters Rampdown Phase Two

Java 14 is in development, even if it’s still a few months away. Java 12 and Java 13 each came with a manageable number of new features, and thanks to the new release cadence that probably won’t change for Java 14. We’re keeping track of JDK 14 news, so what’s new? JDK 14 has entered Rampdown Phase Two.

The road ahead

Scala 3 arrives in 2020: How can you prepare for the big update?

Over the past few years, Scala has become a noteworthy programming language, gathering users turning to it as a substitute for Java that can run in parallel with Java on the JVM. As we head towards the release of Scala 3, developers have some questions. What is Dotty? How do I migrate? Why am I getting flashbacks to Python 2? Luckily, a new blog update gives us some answers.

Review merge requests on your Android phone

GitHub for Android beta program has launched

GitHub for mobile now includes a beta program for GitHub for Android. It offers GitHub functionality in a native Android app that supports different screen sizes and Android settings. Let’s take a closer look at the new Android app for collaboration on the go.

Should I stay or should I go?

Python 2 end of life: 31% of organizations have no Python 3 migration plans

Its end of life came as no surprise, and yet, many teams still do not have a plan going forward on what to do with their Python 2 apps. A recent study found that while most teams anticipate migrating to Python 3, there are some that will self-support Python 2, and even a few that will rewrite their apps in another language. What challenges will organizations face when they migrate their code?

Watch Maximilian Berghoff's International PHP Conference session

What it actually costs – an ecological price tag for software development

What does software development really cost? When we think about the numbers adding up, we often don’t take energy consumption into consideration. There is always an ecological price to software development. Maximilian Berghoff discusses the ecological questions that development raises in this session.

If you read this you'll level up!

Is now the time for gamification in software development?

As games become increasingly popular, so too does the concept of gamification. The software industry is no exception, with big tech companies using gamified websites for hiring programmers. Is it time to bring gamification to the software development process? How would it potentially affect software development and its future?

Time series data in Flux

Flux & Time to Awesome – InfluxData interview

I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with Tim Hall, Head of Products at InfluxData about their platform, their ‘time to awesome’ philosophy, and a new data scripting and querying language, Flux. We also take a look at the future of InfluxData and their plans for 2020. Let’s take a closer look.

Watch Steph Locke's JAX London session

Data science fundamentals

How do data scientists make their predictions? It isn’t magic, it’s technology. In this session from JAX London, Steph Locke gives you a look behind the curtain at the process and fundamentals that data scientists employ. You will learn about the basics of data science and how to add it to your own technical field.

Integrating data engineering into operations

5 critical issues solved by DataOps

What does the future of operations look like? This article examines the practical uses of DataOps, its advantages, and how it can solve critical issues. DataOps integrates development processes and data management functions, improves data-focused communication, and brings your business up to a higher level of efficiency.