How to highlight the metrics we need

More containers means we need better system visibility

Containers are the foundation for much of modern computing, but they also obscure where problems initially develop. In this article, Mark Herring explains why capturing important metrics becomes difficult in a container-based infrastructure, why managing metrics storage needs to be done properly, and how new data platforms fulfill the needs of the modern web.

Top 10 growing IT career skills: Indeed report weighs in

What are the best skills to learn when looking for a career in tech? Indeed published a report that will help you narrow in your focus on what to study, what to aim for, and what to ignore. Find out the top ten in-demand skills in tech and you’ll already be one step ahead!

Buy your tickets before December 20 and save up to £700

The JAX DevOps 2019 program is live!

Give yourself the gift of DevOps this year with tickets to JAX DevOps 2019! It’s time for our first look at the 2019 program and there’s a lot in store for developers both young and old. Get your tickets now to our premier conference for CI/CD, microservices, Docker, and cloud computing today and save big!

Privacy by Design

Developers must consider privacy for the entire product lifecycle

The intent of Privacy by Design (PbD) is to urge organizations to make privacy an ingrained part of their products, rather than an add-on after rollout. By maintaining a thoughtful checklist and adhering to PbD principles, organizations can effectively meet today’s new wave of privacy and data protection standards and limit organizational risk.

Video interview with Jessica Deen, Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft | JAX London 2018

“We’re drifting towards a cloud native era” 

We’re moving faster than we ever had before so we need to embrace the fact that we’re drifting towards a cloud native era. We caught up with Jessica Deen, Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft at JAX London 2018 to discuss how cloud native is shaking up the traditional workflow, the tooling, serverless and more.

Research, design, testing, and iteration *before* developers write a line of code

Collaboration between developers and product design specialists is essential

Developers hate change requests. When someone changes their mind, this means fresh coding, fresh QA testing, and extra work for everybody. This is inefficient and not terribly productive if you are building the same thing multiple times. Debbie Levitt explains why this can be mostly or wholly avoided when engineering collaborates with UX.

Watch Roland Huß speak at DevOpsCon 2018

How common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes

The way we design, develop, and run applications on cloud native platforms like Kubernetes differs significantly from the traditional approach. DevOpsCon speaker Roland Huß looks at a collection of common patterns for developing cloud native applications. After this session, you will have a solid overview of how common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes.