Ready, set, learn

How you could learn Java on your own and where to start

Learning Java on your own doesn’t have to be difficult; there are plenty of resources for independent study and practice. No matter your age or experience level, you will find plenty of websites that will give you hands-on experience and teach you how to program in Java. Find out how to take those first steps into becoming a programmer.

Updated to a shine

Rust 1.36.0 update: Cargo –offline support for Cargo and new stabilizations

2019 has been a big here for the programming language Rust; it polled for the fourth year in a row as the most loved language by developers on StackOverflow. The newest update to the language is v1.36.0. This release includes several changes: the stabilization of the Future trait, the alloc crate, offline support in Cargo, and more.

User-friendly Docker

LazyDocker – simple terminal UI aims to make Docker easier

Do you struggle with memorizing Docker commands? LazyDocker is a simple, yet customizable, terminal user interface for Docker and Docker-compose. It was written with the minimalistic Go library, gocui. Watch the demo video and see how this project can help programmers with Docker commands and container tracking.

Understanding binomial logistic regression

Binary logistic regression tutorial for intermediate coders

Where is logistic regression used? It is a technique often used in machine learning to predict categorical, binary outcomes. In this tutorial from Gaurav Belani, learn all about how to calculate logistic function and how to make predictions using a logistic regression model.

What's new in the latest release

GraalVM version 19.1 speeds up compilation & lowers execution time

GraalVM recently matured and has been suggested for production-usage. Now, the latest version, GraalVM19.1 fixes some bugs in the previous release and also lowers the compilation time. Along with this release comes news of future versioning plans for GraalVM. Look out for v20 in 2020!

Bonus round: Interview with Java Champion, Johan Vos

The OpenJDK Mobile project is back!

A couple of weeks after the announcement of Gluon Client plugins that support Java & JavaFX on iOS devices, Java Champion and co-founder of Gluon, Johan Vos, starts a mailing list, rebooting the OpenJDK mobile discussion! Let’s have a look at the latest news on the mobile Java front.