Forget about tech skills

6 most useful soft skills for software developers

Software developers must indubitably have tech skills, but there is another popular set of abilities that is gaining momentum: soft skills. Technical know-how is one way of measuring how good a developer is, but soft skills are really the ones that help them receive the stamp of approval from the industry.

The reinvention of ASP.NET WebForms

Do all technologies have an expiration date? ASP.NET WebForms… Redux

No technology is timeless in the eyes of a developer and all have their flaws and perks. However, as Steve Naidamast, a senior software engineer claims, the pendulum of history begins to swing back sooner or later, demonstrating that until the actual foundations of web development change, no new technology will actually be able to benefit anyone in the sense that it is some type of global panacea for such development.

Want to tinker with life? Now you can!

New programming language helps hack living cells

The biological engineers at MIT have developed a programming language which enables them to interact with living cells. As part of their research, the researchers have already programmed 60 DNA circuits with several functions.

Walking on thin ice

April Fools’ Day 2016: Best brand hoaxes — so far

Today is the day everyone should watch their back. April Fools’ Day has taken the internet by storm with the world’s biggest companies such as Google, Samsung, Deliveroo, Vodafone and H&M all getting involved. Sure, some of the pranks may backfire but it’s all for the show, right?

Are you tired of being....tired?

4 tips to resist JavaScript fatigue

JavaScript fatigue initially revolved around React but it eventually started to spread and swallowed the entire JavaScript community. Being a bandwagon jumper and trying to use all the latest tools will inevitably lead to JavaScript fatigue, but here is how to resist it.

Magic mirror on the wall, do we need encryption at all?

“Digital crack” – A self-induced nightmare

Steve Naidamast, a senior software engineer, talks about the Apple-FBI encryption battle and reveals that the feud has deeper implications which may concern the population. Will we need encryption in the (near) future? That is one puzzle worth deciphering.