See Stefanos Zachariadis speak at JAX DevOps on 5 April 2017 in London!

How to catch critical bugs before your users do

We’ve been really enjoying JAX DevOps in London this week. Stefanos Zachariadis, one of our speakers, was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions about the importance of data testing, how to keep end users from getting bugs, and why you should invest in a data “cleanser”.

Interview series with DevOps influencers — Part 2

The first-aid DevOps toolkit: What does it contain?

Defining DevOps is no easy task and perhaps we shouldn’t label it anyway but one thing we really need to do is determine what goes into a first-aid DevOps toolkit. For that, we need help from four of the world’s biggest DevOps influencers.

See Michiel Rook speak at JAX DevOps on 4 April 2017 in London!

The Strangler Pattern in practice

We’re very excited for Michiel Rook’s talk at JAX DevOps. Here, he explains the strangler pattern and how it can be applied when rewriting a large, legacy code base. (No serial killers, we promise!)

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Top 10 Java stories of March

Readers seemed to be diving deep into the archives of JAXenter this month. Our top favorites included how to build a REST API, the all new Angular 4, and the evergreen NetBeans or IntelliJ debate.

Write better code with SonarLint

SonarLint — Bug hunting season is open

What if your IDE could teach you why some coding is bad, show you best practices, and give you examples of fixes? In this post, Julien Henry explains how SonarLint —accessible from the Eclipse Marketplace— can help you code better.

I just have a lot of feelings, okay?

17 gifs that truly express my feels for Angular 4

Listen, we’ve all been there. Angular 2 was… tolerable. But everything changed when Angular 4 was released earlier this week. Let’s work our way through the emotional rollercoaster that was this software release.