Reactive Microservices with Eclipse Vert.x

In this article, Clement Escoffier, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, gives an overview of Vert.x and goes through an example of reactive microservice application while focusing on the different key parts of such a system.

Top 5 web design trends for 2017

Trends say a lot about the times we live in. Innovation has probably the biggest impact on all parts of our lives than anything else today. Did you know that your website may become obsolete after new trends come into play (and you ignore them)? Let’s identify the top 5 web design trends for next year.

If it's easy for you, it's a piece of cake for them

Understanding the rising impact of IoT-specific malware

There is no denying that the world is becoming more connected than ever. From smartphones to smart thermostats that know when you’re at home and smart pet food dispensers that you can activate as long as there’s internet connection, everything seems to be getting, well… smarter.

Interview with W-JAX speaker John Danaher

“Resisting automation seems both futile and undesirable”

Many people are worried about the rise of smart machines and the impact this may have on paid employment. Several recently-published books, including Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s The Second Machine Age and Martin Ford’s The Rise of the Robots have forecast widespread technological unemployment over the next half century. We talked to John Danaher, lecturer in Law, NUI Galway and W-JAX speaker, about the role of automation and the skill sets we might need in the future.

4 ways to improve developer onboarding

Employees today are most likely to leave their current job within their first two years and, according to a ​survey by the Aberdeen Group,​ less than one-third of companies have a formal onboarding process. In today’s high-turnover environment, onboarding is more important than ever, especially when hiring developers.

The not-so-subtle way to throw shade

Slack teases Microsoft but is Teams better?

It was just last year that a war between Slack and Atlassian’s HipChap was shyly starting to simmer. While Steve Goldsmith, general manager of HipChat at Atlassian, told Fast Company “It’s not a finite pie that Slack and HipChat are going to carve up” and emphasized that “there’s plenty of room for both to be huge providers,” Stewart Butterfield, co-founder and chief executive of Slack stayed silent. Until Microsoft came into play.

He who laughs last, laughs longest

[Bit]coin flipping: ZCash grabs the attention, Bitcoin grabs the money

There’s a new kid in town —everyone is talking about ZCash, a new cryptocurrency which stole the spotlight from bitcoin as the latter was celebrating eight years of existence with a new milestone: bitcoin price skyrocketed to over $700. However, ZCash is no exception to the unspoken cryptocurrency rule: its journey to stability is a rollercoaster ride.

Philipp Krenn's DevOpsCon session

101 steps to avoid a security disaster in the cloud

Isn’t it great how easy one can scale up in the cloud? In this video, Philipp Krenn, Developer Advocate at Elastic, teaches you how to avoid a security disaster both in general and by using specific services such as AWS and GitHub.

Scala Expert checklist

6 answers to the question: Why Scala and not Java?

In our latest issue of JAX Magazine, we dive deeper into reactive programming and analyze the most popular JVM language and where we are heading to. After talking to Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, about the impending 2.12 version and the current state of this programming language, we invited six Scala developers to reveal what fascinates them about Scala and why they would choose Scala over Java.

What’s in a name: Architecture

In this article, innoQ fellow Dr. Gernot Starke, talks about architecture, a term that every person working in IT will have their own distinct opinion about.