High monetization rate

65% of IoT apps are generating real sales

According to a recent study on IoT apps commissioned by Progress, 65% of them are able to generate real sales. The majority of IoT solutions included in this group can be found in the fields of smart home, wearables and sports and fitness.

Seeya later

Go 1.5 is out: Say goodbye to C

Google’s up and coming programming language Go is now available at version 1.5, with one very noticeable change – no more C. The team behind Google’s open source, low-level language project has called it a significant release.


The CIO, what is it good for?

Jeff Sussna believes a shift is happening from information to interaction, and the CIO’s position needs to be assessed to truly service this change. They should focus on helping the business understand its needs for digital interaction.

Help wanted

Hiring developers is hard

What’s the secret to hiring a good developer? What are the best interviewing techniques? Before you start rating your recruitment prowess, take a look at how the hiring process differs outside the interviewing medium.

Predicting the Bitcoin future

Bitcoin mining profitability vs. hash rate

Given the peaks and troughs of the Bitcoin world, it’s tough to stay optimistic about making money with mining. But is it possible to look into the crystal ball of hash rates, changing equipment and ASIC technology to see the future of mining profitability?

NetCAT program

NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing

Kicking off an exciting new range of posts on the NetBeans IDE, Oracle’s Community Manager for NetBeans introduces their Community Acceptance Testing program, looking for volunteers to help stabilise NetBeans 8.1.