Build, build, build

Build Gradle projects with Eclipse Buildship

Buildship is an Eclipse plugin that allows you to build applications and libraries using Gradle through your IDE. In this article, Donát Csikós explains some advanced features of Buildship in Eclipse IDE.

Datadog: New Java support for its APM and distributed tracing

Datadog, a cloud monitoring provider, has recently added Java support to its APM offerings to provide a comprehensive monitoring platform. In this article, Julie Levine explains why they chose to add Java support and how it improves features like infrastructure metrics, log data, and application traces.

Tech definitions for the 21st century

Hackterms: A crowd-sourced developer dictionary

Keeping up with new tech terms is difficult. How can we keep from embarrassing ourselves at work? Thanks to a new crowdsourced dictionary, Hackterms, you can get the details on everything in tech directly from developers and coders.

How to emotionally and practically deal with legacy code

Legacy code: Will it haunt or enhance?

Is it *the* foe? Is it *the* absolute terror? Is it *the* blessing in disguise? Or maybe the *king* of boredom? Its name is legacy code and it’s here to haunt you.

Two years with Angular and loving it

Angular has all sorts of excellent features that keep developers happy. In this article, Yakov Fain goes over the Angular framework and explains why he’s still satisfied with switching to this framework years later.

Written in Rust, built with Electron

Xray: An experimental text editor for innovating Atom

The Atom team wanted to develop radical new ideas without risking the core stability of Atom. Enter Xray. This Electron-based text editor is a testing playground for new approaches to high performance, collaboration, extensibility, and web compatibility.

5 industries that will be transformed by blockchain

Like every new technology, blockchain creates both opportunities and challenges. Let’s forget about the challenges for a moment and focus on the opportunities and all the industries that have been —or will be— touched by this technology. In this article, Matt Davida presents the top five industries that will be transformed by blockchain.