A great choice when considering the Internet of Things

Fantom: Designed as a “better Java” [Pirates of the JVM]

If you don’t believe in ghosts, perhaps you’ll have a change of heart when you see Fantom, our next choice for the Pirates of the JVM series. The island of Fantom lies not far from Kotlin in the waters of the Static Sea. Brian Frank wanted to create a “better Java” and so Fantom was born — we talked to him about the advantages and disadvantages of this language, its core principles and more.

Taking Stack Overflow Trends for a spin

TypeScript — a trend that keeps on trending

Earlier this week, Stack Overflow introduced a tool that tracks interest in programming languages and technologies, based on the number of Stack Overflow questions asked per month. If you want to see how popular your favorite programming languages are, try it. We chose TypeScript and the result is quite impressive.

Interview with Dr. Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist at SpectoLabs

DevOps is to some degree being conflated with “Digital Transformation”

What does the future of DevOps look like and how does this virus spread? How important is containerization in a DevOps context and how can containers enhance your company’s DevOps transformation? What should a first-aid DevOps toolkit contain? We talked to Dr. Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist at SpectoLabs, about all these issues and more.

Security first

Ransomware: How to keep your work safe and your accounts secure

Ransomware is on the rise, as malware allows hackers to gain access to your networks and prevent you from accessing your accounts until a digital “ransom” is paid. What can you do to prevent being hit next? Cher Zevala explains three basic steps to help keep you and your network safe.

Docker is a game changer to build, ship and run software

Rethink your IoT strategy with Docker

Docker made waves this year announcing their IoT compatibility. In this post, we have a video of Peter Rossbach’s fascinating talk about how to rethink your IoT strategy with Docker.