IoT partnerships

Solair joins the Eclipse Foundation

The latest company to join the growing open-source community is Solair, who will be working actively with the foundation’s IoT Working Group, the Kura project. The Italian-based firm calls Kura “one of a kind”.

Getting constructors right

The Java Legacy is constantly growing

Confused by getConstructors? Javadocs not giving you enough information? Lukas Eder has a crack at explaining the history behind this particular little Java nugget.

The users doth protest too much

Ubuntu switching to Systemd

Some might consider Systemd to be controversial, but Ubuntu will be going ahead with its plan to implement the system management tool over the home-grown Upstart event-based init system. Let the protests begin.

Michael Nygard interview

Why we need Resilient Software Design

Michael Nygard’s Circuit Breaker Pattern has been adopted by Netflix and been established as a central part of Resilient Software Design. Its acclaimed author explains the benefits of Resilient Software Design and why it matters exactly how we fail.

Cloudy forecast

Spring Cloud 1.0.0 now available

Maven Central is now home to Spring Cloud 1.0.0: a toolkit that allows developers to build some of the common patterns in distributed systems. We take a look at the new specs and what the community has contributed to the project.

Contexts and Dependency Injection in Java EE

A sneak peek at CDI 2.0

As the main topics of the CDI 2.0 specification slowly begin to emerge, it’s time to take a look at what is planned in the next major update to Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE.

Video tutorial

From device to cloud – IoT with Java and Eclipse

With its Open IoT Stack for Java developers, the Eclipse Foundation is focused on open standards in the Internet of Things. Benjamin Cabé explains how to build end-to-end scalable IoT solutions with Eclipse and other open-source technology.