"To improve is to change"

How to keep the Internet of Things under control

In theory, the IoT will function smoothly as it grows over time. People will eventually get used to living in a fully connected world where everything they use has some connection to the web. That’s all good in theory, but in practice, getting the IoT to reach its full potential is proving to be an enormous challenge.

A few noteworthy features

Eclipse Docker Tooling for Neon

In this article Roland Grunberg, Software Engineer at Red Hat, presents a handful of new features available in Eclipse Neon. If you find yourself using Docker images/containers, you should try out this plugin as it’s sure to simplify various use cases.

Material design is hot right now

6 best open source material web design frameworks

Are you building websites or mobile apps without any of the handy material design frameworks? Then it is important that you use at least one of them and speed up your design workflow with the best material design compliant user interfaces.

Diving deep into Machine Learning

The vital role of CognitiveJ in Machine Learning

Machine learning may sound futuristic, but it’s not. Speech recognition systems such as Cortana or Search in e-commerce systems have already showed us the benefits and challenges that go hand in hand with these systems. In our machine learning series we will introduce you to several tools that make all this possible. First stop: CognitiveJ.

One interface to rule them all

CloudRail SI for Java: “Many developers want to download just one SDK”

With developers spending so much time with API integrations in their development time, Felix Kollmar of CloudRail, based in Mannheim, Germany, saw an opportunity to help improve their lives. “We’re all developers at CloudRail,” says Felix Kollmar, CEO and co-founder of CloudRail, “and so we all know the pain of integrating APIs. We wanted to make a library that gives developers all the tools they need to make great applications.”

Interview with Proofpoint

“Cybercriminals can take advantage of the popularity of applications like Pokemon GO”

Pokemon GO is still on fire. It was recently revealed that the game has had more downloads in its first week than any other app in App Store’s history. Meanwhile, SuperData Research revealed that Pokemon GO had earned $14 million by July 11. Despite the game’s huge success, Proofpoint’s warning still stands — “gamers should be extremely wary of what they may be exposed to when downloading apps from app stores other than the Apple App Store and Google Play.”

$4.83 billion for the Web pioneer

Verizon confirms buyout of Yahoo

It’s finally over. Verizon has just confirmed the $4.83 billion buyout of Yahoo, putting an end to a long period of speculation regarding the sale of the Web pioneer.

You should be catching an exception only when you know what to do with it

Reviewing exception handling

When developing an application it can be hard enough to get the happy path working, let alone worry about what might happen when something goes wrong. Peter Lawrey, Java Champion and speaker at JAX London, has asked a number of developers what they do when they get an exception. What are the alternatives? If you have to pass on the exception, how might you do that?

Interview with Björn Rabenstein, engineer at SoundCloud and Prometheus core developer

Prometheus 1.0: “Prometheus and Kubernetes share spiritual ancestry”

Prometheus 1.0 was launched last week —it delivers a stable API and user interface. In short, “Prometheus 1.0 means upgrades won’t break programs built atop the Prometheus API, and updates won’t require storage re-initialization or deployment changes.” Let’s allow Björn Rabenstein, engineer at SoundCloud and Prometheus core developer, to tell us all everything we need to know about this release.