Beware the branch

Git branches considered harmful

A great feature of Git is how easy it is to make branches, but have you ever considered that public branches could be harmful? Pieter Hintjens brings the point home based on his experience and gathered evidence based on forks.


Applied capacity planning

Another addition to the #NoEstimates debate, Tomas Rybing looks at measuring the capacity of teams without effort estimation, in a process easy to remember. It just so happens to be faster and more accurate than estimating.

Giving FinTech wings

Disrupting Finance IT with Banking Service Providers

FinTech startups or other innovative players are capitalising on the rise on new services in the industry, however the technical and regulatory requirements remain. Banking Service Providers could decrease the problems new players are facing.

Safe systems programming

Why you should take a closer look at Rust 1.0

Blazingly fast performance, prevention of nearly all segfaults and low-level control and performance without sacrificing safety or abstractions – these are the promises made by the 1.0 release of Rust. And that’s just the start.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 31/15: HTTP/2 in Java 9, JMS 2, DevoxxUK

HTTP/2 and JMS 2 are in the headlines for Thorben Janssen’s Java news this week, as well as a tutorial for using JCache and CDI. Read on to see what’s hot right now and check out the week’s hottest Java links.

Conference highlights

Key JAX London sessions you don’t want to miss

The JAX London is on from October 12-14 and to help you plan your session attendance, we’ve outlined the most popular so far. Java is the big favourite, with testing, product management and benchmarking also making an impression on developers.

Collaborate openly

IBM to open source projects via new web portal

Technology and consulting heavyweights IBM have launched developerWorks Open – a new initiative to garner further community involvement in their open source projects. They’ve also set out a plan to release more projects online by year’s end.