Docker Tooling in Eclipse

Ask anybody these days about hot software technology topics and you’re bound to hear the word Containers which are light-weight virtual machines that operate on the process level. They can be instantiated very quickly and are easy to configure. If you are going to enter the world of Containers, then you will undoubtedly run into the name Docker which is quickly becoming the ubiquitous standard. Docker is the trademarked company name but also used when referring to their implementation of container technology.

Narrations suck!

Costs and benefits of comments

As with most things in software development the ultimate currency for comments is time. How much do we have to invest and how much do they save us? Or in other words: What are the costs and benefits of comments?

Webinale Keynote

No more excuses left – let’s make the web excellent

As developers, we know things break. We also know how to fix them. What we don’t do is do this efficiently. Instead we seem to have a perverse fascination telling one another and the world how broken things are.

Operating and Experimental use of JavaFX in the Energy Economy

A fresh breeze by Enterprise JavaFX

Currently consolidation appears in some parts of the energy system transformation in Germany, but even with the expansion and restructuring of the energy system there is still great progress to be determined . One innovation focus currently lies on the more efficient use of the well over a million wind, solar and biomass power plants that have already been built. For this purpose, fresh, new and innovative solutions are needed, and this in an industry that has to be based primarily on established and proven technologies. JavaFX can act as a bridge here. But is it actually possible to create innovative software products with JavaFX that provide the necessary reliability? A water-level and experience report from applied research.

Manage Complexity with Modularity and Containers

Modularity, Microservices and Containers

Modularity makes complexity manageable. As long as design rules are obeyed, different parts of a modular application may be independently configured, deployed and upgraded.

New release

Go 1.6 is now available

Go 1.6, the seventh major stable release of Go is now available. The announcement comes just a few months after Go marked its sixth anniversary and even though Go 1.5 incorporated massive implementation changes, the release of Go 1.6 is “more incremental,” the blog post reads.

Growing out of bitcoin

IBM bets big on blockchain, contributes 44,000 lines of code to Hyperledger

IBM has made almost 44,000 lines of code available to the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project in order to help developers establish secure distributed ledgers which can be used to exchange most anything of value. In addition, it made a range of announcements regarding new blockchain services on the IBM Cloud, IBM Garages and enabling Internet of Things data on blockchain.

Wind of change in the banking industry

Sneak peek into the future of banking: Interpreting the blurry line between finance and technology

In the last part of our talk to Eric Horesnyi, a High Frequency Trading infrastructure expert and JAX Finance speaker, we put the equal sign between blockchain and the FinTech movement and we look at all the actors that are affected by the blurry line between finance and technology, including citizens and developers.