It lives!

MVC 1.0 is here to stay

When MVC 1.0 was dropped from Java EE 8, that should have been the end of it. But the community rallied and now MVC 1.0 lives on, with a little help from Java Champion Ivar Grimstad.

Interview with Arnaud Le Hors, Senior Technical Staff Member of Web & Blockchain Open Technologies at IBM

“People cannot just adopt blockchain on their own”

If you want to know more about what blockchain is and Hyperledger’s role in taking the technology behind Bitcoin to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Arnaud Le Hors, Senior Technical Staff Member of Web & Blockchain Open Technologies at IBM about developers’ interest in blockchain, Fabric — a blockchain framework—, and more.

Interview with Simon Wardley, Researcher for the Leading Edge Forum

“In 10 years, DevOps will probably experience a midlife crisis”

The right way to “do” DevOps is to map your environment, identify opportunities to exploit, and learn to play the DevOps game. Sounds easy, right? Except it isn’t. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Simon Wardley, Researcher for the Leading Edge Forum about the current state of DevOps, the rules that influence the DevOps game and its relation to the serverless wave.

Something to keep in mind

3 things developers need to know about managing IoT data

IoT is the future. Are you ready? In this article, Pratik Dholakiya goes over some of the most important aspects of IoT for developers to remember while coding. (Spoilers: it’s security. Don’t forget about security.)

Standardization is not a bad word

It’s time open source focused on usability

Open source is slouching towards individualization as every new framework or open source architecture has its own particular API, layers, or even wire protocol. In this article, Yaron Haviv explains why the open source community needs to work towards collaboration and standardization for the good of us all.

Interview with Marko Berkovic & Matthias Wiesen of GitHub

“At GitHub, we collaborate far more than just between Devs and Ops”

“We actually believe that to collaborate, you don’t need to come from the same actual culture and background and heritage, but you just need to have the same vision.” JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to GitHub’s Marko Berkovic and Matthias Wiesen at DevOpsCon 2016 about how to create a company culture, the challenges involved in enforcing it, and some tips on how to make remote teams work.

The life and times of a framework

Angular: One framework

What is it that makes Angular, Angular? Is it the technical competence, the large ecosystem, or its raucous community? Today we’re going to do a deep dive into this fascinating framework as Wassim Chegham, Uri Shaked, and Christoffer Noring explain why it’s easy to be impressed by Angular.

Interview with John Willis of Docker

John Willis discusses the human factor of DevOps

High-performing organizations seem to have one common pattern: they put a high value on human capital. JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser talked to John Willis, Director of Ecosystem Development at Docker, Inc about how to turn human capital into high performance organizational capital.

If you liked his post on how to code like a great programmer, this is for you

Sunny with a chance of tweetstorms: 32 opinions about Java

Whether it’s about open source, Java, or even the intractable debate over stateful design vs. stateless design, Java Champion Lukas Eder has a lot of thoughts about the current state of the programming world.

Created at Netflix

Spinnaker 1.0: The continuous delivery platform for cloud used at Netflix and Waze

It’s not a “buy one, get one for free” type of situation but with the release of Spinnaker 1.0, Google is also announcing the launch of a new CLI tool, halyard, that helps admins more easily install, configure and upgrade a production-ready instance of Spinnaker. What is Spinnaker and why should you care? Let’s find out.

JDK 9 receives eight-week extension

Java 9 delayed to September 21

In late May, Mark Reinhold proposed to “adjust the General Availability date in order to accommodate the additional time required to move through the JCP process.” Since there were no objections to the proposed eight-week extension, Java 9 will be released on September 21.