Far from a small bugfix release

BootsFaces 0.8.5: 11 new components

The successor of BootsFaces 0.8.1 was supposed to be a small bugfix release, but the result is a different story: the new version consists of 240 commits. In addition to several bugfixes, version 0.8.5 also brings 11 new components. Plus, the relaxed HTML-like markup style from AngularFaces has been migrated to BootsFaces.

As it happens

Australian claims he created Bitcoin: Repercussions [UPDATE]

Australian professor and tech entrepreneur Craig Wright has identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin, after years of speculation regarding the identity of the man known as Satoshi Nakamoto. However, once the cat was out of the bag, comments started to pour and Wright decided to take down his blog post.

Open source gains momentum once again

CUBA goes open source with a handful of features

CUBA 6.1 has received a fair amount of features and due to the fact that this version is the first open source release, here’s a quick overview of what has changed.


Web tales: JavaScript —The next runtime platform?

In this article, Niko Köbler advances an interesting idea: s JavaScript on its way to become —just like the JVM— a universal runtime platform? It may be that the JavaScript community is now exactly where we, in the world of Java, were 10-15 years ago.

Oracle turns the page

Oracle pulls the plug on and and were considered for many years the go-to community and hosting sites for projects. With its latest announcement, Oracle proves once again that nothing is everlasting. Both and will cease to exist on April 28, 2016 —fact which sparked discussions within the community.