Cloudy security for OpenStack?

Mirantis teams up with Cloud Foundry

Mirantis have joined Cloud Foundry but won’t be embarking on its own cloud distribution. Calling it a strategic move, Mirantis plans to remain the pure play OpenStack company and focus on integrating best-in-class outside technologies.

Tooling up

Advanced Java monitoring with Automon

Unlike most Java monitoring tools, Automon builds on your existing monitoring setup to give more monitoring control. Author Steve Souza explains the idea behind his new open approach to monitoring Java code.

The next 5 years in IoT

IoT software isn’t the hardest part

Taking a look forward at the practical experiences in IoT over the next five years, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino says developers will have 99 problems, and bad software isn’t necessarily the worst one of them.

The a-wait is over

Dart 1.9: Asynchronous programming ahoy

Google have labelled the new Dart 1.9 release as worth the a-wait and a bunch of developers couldn’t be more chuffed. Now with async methods and await expressions, the team is touting the update as bigger than ever.