Interview with Payara Founder Steve Millidge

“Java EE’s heavyweight label is just mythology”

Do you need more performance from your Java EE applications? Is latency causing you stress? If so, take a look at JCache, the Java caching API. We talked to JAX 2016 speaker Steve Millidge, the Founder and Director of Payara and C2B2 Consulting, about how to use CDI annotations in your Java EE applications, when to use which annotations, and what is automagically happening under the covers.

WORKSFORME attitude — no longer an option

Whose job is it to promote diversity in the Eclipse community?

In this article Tracy Miranda talks about the lack of diversity at conferences, why it’s getting harder and harder to find the women in the Eclipse community and how to fix this issue. ” I dream of an Eclipse community with the reputation as the open source community of choice for women,” Tracy says.

Monolithic architecture vs Microservices

Peter Lawrey interview: “Monolithic architecture is much easier to test and debug” | JAX 2016

Java Champion Peter Lawrey spoke to JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc at JAX 2016 about when developers should use microservices and when they should choose a monolithic architecture. One of the key learnings from this interview is the following: “If you say ‘everyone has to use microservices’, you may end up using it even when it doesn’t make sense.”

No simple answer to this dilemma

Full stack or not full stack — that is the question

Full stack developers are a total buzz today. Just open any hiring site, enter “full stack developer” into the search box and enjoy the demand. In this article we will take a look at all the pluses and minuses of being a full stack developer.

The debate continues

Eclipse Papyrus — Ready for the big stage? Charles Rivet joins the conversation [UPDATE]

The Eclipse project Papyrus has progressed since the founding of the Papyrus Industry Consortium earlier this year. The platform for the UML-based software modeling is now supported by companies such as Airbus, Atos, Ericsson, Fraunhofer Fokus and Zeligsoft. We talked to Papyrus user Michael Jastram and delivery specialist Charles Rivet about the current state and the future of Papyrus.

While you were away

#AboutLastWeek: Angular 2 steps forward and Google ruffles Oracle’s feathers

Each Monday we take a step back and analyze what has happened in the previous week. Last week we received exciting news from the Angular 2 team, the legal battle between Oracle and Google debuted in force and Australian academic Craig Wright promised to prove that he is the creator of Bitcoin, but then changed his mind and went (back) into the ether. But that’s not all folks!

Think application performance and reliability is the same? Think again.

Performance vs reliability: Why Java apps are like Formula 1 cars

Are performance and reliability related? Or are these things mutually exclusive? I think the latter. Today, the reality is that IT sees application performance and reliability as the same thing, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth.