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An unfortunate delay

Java 9 to be postponed for six months

Oracle cannot meet expectations for the planned release of Java 9 in September 2016. In a message broadcast to the community via mailing list, chief architect Mark Reinhold has revealed that the modularisation work in Project Jigsaw needs more time.

I solemnly swear...

A professional oath for programmers?

Do you solemnly swear to produce good code? That’s what Agile Manifesto co-author Robert C. Martin wants you to do, in his newest endeavour to create a list of ethical guidelines for programmers to follow. The Programmer’s Oath has been met with mixed feedback.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 49/15: Wildfly Swarm, MVC and JUnit Lambda

Thorben Janssen returns for this week’s Java news which looks at Lambdas and Streams in Java 8, OSR and a small serving of Java EE via WildFly Swarm microservice development. All this and more with the hottest Java links for the week.

The future of testing on the JVM

JUnit Lambda – The Prototype

Nicolai Parlog shares what some crowd-funded backing and a committed group of Java test enthusiasts can produce in the first instalment of JUnit Lambda. Before work begins on their alpha version, Parlog takes a look at the basic features of the project.

Handsome UIs

Java UIs can be beautiful, too

What makes a UI attractive to the user? Members of the Reddit community have thrown up their hands in support of beautiful Java UIs to gain inspiration outside of the IDE space. Here we show a couple of examples of how good-looking a UI can be.

How to lead in tech

What makes a good CTO? Top CTOs explain their approaches

Do CTOs spend all their time researching new tech trends? Or do they focus on specifics? JAXenter editor Coman Hamilton spoke to several veteran CTOs from PayPal, ING Bank, Basho and other global tech companies to find out what makes a good Chief Technology Officer.

DevOpsCon Keynote

Tools, culture and aesthetics – The art of DevOps

“Culture is not important, but shared aesthetic is crucial” is the formula that J. Paul Reed follows for finding out what DevOps means to companies of all shapes and sizes. In his DevOpsCon 2015 Keynote in Munich, he hones in on what exactly that formula entails.

Work it out!

5 Scala puzzlers that will hurt your brain

We’ve served up some Java conundrums in the past, but now its time to get your head around these Scala brainteasers. Alex Zhitnitsky is back in collaboration with the team from Scala Puzzlers to test and torment your Scala know-how. Prepare thyself!

Benchmark test

Follow-up: How fast are the Java 8 Streams?

It’s a Superman vs. Batman battle. If we pit sequential streams against regular for-loops, which one comes out faster? After some careful benchmark tests, Angelika Langer shows us which is fastest, and why must be careful to make judgements.

Customising Slack

7 Slack integrations developers should use

Slack is fast becoming the default messaging service and developers can really benefit from the new workflows that Slack is enabling. Alex Zhitnitsky takes us through the integrations that allows users to customise the service to their own specific developer tools.

DevOpsCon Keynote

DevOps – The State of the Union

In the opening keynote at the DevOps Conference 2015 in Munich, John Willis from Docker provides an inventory of the DevOps movement from its beginnings in 2008/2009 up until the most recent DevOps Survey.