The 12th official simultaneous release is here

Eclipse Oxygen is here: What’s new, canceled and renewed

The new season (a.k.a Eclipse Oxygen) is here! We finally know what’s new, what has been canceled and what has been renewed. As of today, the simultaneous release is available for download. Let’s have a look at the new projects, the ones that have been canceled and the changes or improvements you should look forward to.

One of the most amazing releases to date

Top 5 features of Codename One 3.7

Codename One 3.7, the “Write Once Run Anywhere” mobile solution for Java developers, is here. Read on to find out the top features of the new release and to discover when Kotlin support will be added.

Interview series with blockchain influencers — Part 2

Is blockchain the land of milk and honey? 9 experts share their concerns

Is the blockchain just a hype? Can it offer an exponential benefit above other existing technologies? In the second part of our interview series, our nine experts talk about their concerns, the advantages of this technology, the obstacles to experimenting with it and the industries that cannot be disrupted by the blockchain.

Interview with Jerome Petazzoni, senior engineer at Docker

The most common myths about Docker debunked

Containers have expanded to be something great for dev environments, continuous integration, testing etc. Docker, for one, can touch so many different aspects of a developer’s workflow. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Jerome Petazzoni, senior engineer at Docker about its popularity, what users should expect in the near future, the difference between Docker CE and EE and more.

Best of both worlds

Flutter: A beautiful mix of React and Dart for mobile SDK

This new open-source mobile app SDK from Google allows developers and designers to create modern mobile apps for iOS and Android. Written in Dart, this SDK takes the best from React to help developers build beautiful, cross-platform mobile apps.