Permission to launch

The first major change to HTTP in 16 years: HTTP/2

The Web is still based on HTTP 1.1 – and thus on a log of the last millennium. It’s high time that the system introduced in 1999 got a major overhaul, which is rumoured to be on the way with the almost-ready HTTP/2.

Building up the build tool

Gradle 2.3 allows access to metadata artifacts

The open source build automation system has now given us Gradle 2.3, which packs a punch with access to metadata artifacts, greater IDE support and as always, a swath of community contributions.

An IDE feast!

An overview of the top Java IDEs

If you’re a Java developer, then the first and biggest decision you’ll make is for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to aid the development process. We take a look at the top Java IDEs and what makes them great.

Big medical research data

Analysing 1,600 human hearts with Big Data

Medical researchers are increasingly turning to analytic tools to undertake ever bigger projects, while several big data analyses have already delivered significant results for healthcare.

Numbers and buttons

Looking at the FinTech behind Number26

Number26 is Europe’s most modern bank account, with all transactions appearing instantly on your smartphone. As a rising star on the FinTech stage, we were keen to hear more about the tech behind Europe’s latest banking solution.