Solution found

Solving the Makefile problem

In the first of many future collaborations, ZeroMQ founder Pieter Hintjens describes his journey in finding a solution to the problem of Makefiles via the C programming language and model oriented code generation.

Third in line

jQuery 3.0 Alpha now available

The alpha version for jQuery 3.0 has landed and with it a focus on updates to closer match the HTML5 dataset specification. Build, core and CSS changes take up the majority of the release, while jQuery Promises also receives some attention.

NEVER ever...

Getting started with DevOps – the dos and don’ts

Like with all enterprise processes, there are dos and don’ts. DevOps Do #1: Do switch to a DevOps approach with a DevOps professional, says DevOps expert Giant Swarm’s Matthias Lübken. Don’t #1: Never ever be ambitious with goals.