Tick tock tick tock

Linux version 4.0 and clockpocalypse are coming

A new numbering system is on the cards for Linux, but an even bigger issue is at hand: the year 2038 is set to be a disaster if we don’t act now, with an event similar to the Y2K bug on the horizon.

Getting what they want

IE and Chrome set to support asm.js

Support for asm.js has made it into the next version of Windows, following a collaboration between Mozilla and Microsoft to satisfy a long-standing hunger of users. This marks a giant step forward for Internet Explorer, with Chrome to follow suit.

The sweet embrace of literature and code

If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript

We are incredibly excited to be able to bring you a sneak peak of Angus Croll’s brilliant ode to literature and code: “If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript”. Here he delves deeper into the JavaScript problems that he has tasked famous writing greats to solve.

Permission to launch

The first major change to HTTP in 16 years: HTTP/2

The Web is still based on HTTP 1.1 – and thus on a log of the last millennium. It’s high time that the system introduced in 1999 got a major overhaul, which is rumoured to be on the way with the almost-ready HTTP/2.