Interview with Yurii Rashkovskii, maintainer at

Making a blind “default” choice of a database will shape the application

Today, we’re taking a second look at a new database on the scene, PumpkinDB. Although this new event sourcing database engine is just getting started, we’re fascinated by what we can see so far. We talked to Yurii Rashkovskii, maintainer at about this new project, its benefits and challenges and databases in general.

Choices, choices

Jumpstart your QA team

Growing pains are difficult for everyone, but especially for start-ups. Today, we look at whether it is better to hire testers first or a manager. Logically, it should be a tester, right? Nope. In this article, Kevin Dunne explains why your team actually needs a QA manager first.

Coding cheat sheets in real time

Codota: Using AI to make our code better

Coding in Java? Codota makes it even easier with an AI pair programmer designed to help you write code without having to check other references online. Does this mean one day robots will take over our developer jobs? Maybe, but not quite yet.

Interview with Lars Vogel, founder and CEO at vogella

“Eclipse Photon likely to focus on usability and performance”

Eclipse Oxygen is here but even though this milestone has been successfully reached, the development continues — next in line is Eclipse Photon. We talked to Lars Vogel, founder and CEO at vogella about his favorite Eclipse Oxygen features, its successor Eclipse Photon and the future of the classic development environments.

How to keep your stuff safe

Why is Big Data security so difficult?

With data breaches hitting the news every other day, how can developers keep information secure? In this article, Rick Delgado explores how companies can improve their security practices and save everyone a whole lot of trouble in the meantime.

What’s new for debugging in Eclipse Oxygen

Debugging the Eclipse IDE for Java developers

Debugging is a must-have skill for any Java developer. This article will start with a beginner’s guide to help you with debugging. In the second part of the article, you will find a more advanced guide to debugging and you’ll discover what’s new for debugging in Eclipse Oxygen.

Deadline ends on August, 4, 2017

Nominations open for JAX Innovation Awards 2017

It’s that time of year again. Do you know a technology, company, organization or person that has brought significant innovation to the Java ecosystem? Nominations for the JAX Innovation Awards 2017 are now open, and we’re looking to celebrate those who promote open innovation in the field of the Java Platform and related technologies.

The databases used by GitHub, Reddit, Airbnb, Spotify and more

Team MySQL v Team PostgreSQL: These companies are betting on them

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing databases. Every database is suitable for certain projects and requirements but the fight seems to be between MySQL and PostgreSQL — these are the databases used by giants such as GitHub, Reddit, Airbnb, Spotify and more. Which team are you on?

Actors are analogous to Lego or Minecraft blocks

Akka clusters: All about Cluster Aware Actors

The fundamental building block of Akka actor systems is an actor. In a way, actors are analogous to Lego or Minecraft blocks: With the simple building blocks of Lego and Minecraft, it is possible to craft magnificent structures. In this article, Hugh McKee, developer advocate at Lightbend tells you everything you need to know about cluster aware actors.