Let's look toward the future

The future of build tools

One of the most important aspects of a build tool is to make developers and build engineers highly productive. In this article, Stefan Oehme, core developer at Gradle, talks about Gradle’s plans for 2017.

First things first

IoT memory: An overview of the options

The rapid development of the Internet of Things has created a number of exciting new opportunities and challenges for designers. However, one consideration cannot be overlooked: the need for the device to have memory. In this article, Cher Zevala compares memory options and revisits the IoT memory types.

How to create a distributed datastore in 10 minutes

While the availability of numerous excellent open technologies has enabled us to build products and services faster than ever, there remain problem areas where technologies have yet to fully impact. One of the most challenging areas involves building consistent, fault-tolerant distributed systems.

Transfer ballot initiated

MVC 1.0 JSR will soon belong to the community

Oracle announced in the Java EE community survey results that, in addition to withdrawing the JSRs for Management 2.0 (JSR 373), and JMS 2.1 (JSR 368), they are also “investigating a possible transfer of MVC to another community member or organization in order to complete JSR 371 as a stand-alone component.” Now it seems that its fate will be sealed on January 31.

John Davies' session | JAX Finance 2016

Fast Data & Analytics — SQL, NoSQL, IMDGs, Hadoop, Spark. What next?

Twenty years ago we were just learning how to hook up the new Java language to our relational database to run queries. Five years later and the first IMDGs are starting to appear on the scene and things get faster. Another 5 years and we get NoSQL, finally we can get rid of the ORM, NoSQL works nicely with IMDGs too. Then comes Hadoop and for some bizarre reason we start to see ORM coming back – something’s wrong. What next?

You'd be surprised how many people forget this step

Finding the best programmers requires international search

When looking for the best programmers in the world, where should you start your search? While the United States has been the birthplace of some excellent software engineers like Grace Hopper and Ken Thompson, there are lots of pools of talent waiting to be tapped across the globe.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely is this to happen?

An agile Java standard — wishful thinking or not?

Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO at Azul Systems and alternate representative on the JCP EC wrote in a blog post after JCP executive committee’s first face-to-face meeting that “the JCP will require some substantial changes to the processes it uses” to ensure that an agile Java standard is possible.