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How to build a secure system from scratch

Docker and Security: How do they fit together?

While Docker images are famously simple and practical, Docker security remains a tricky maze. Docker pros Dustin Huptas and Andreas Schmidt show us the essential security features you need to know for building a secure system with Docker.

IT at the speed of business

In the future, 2015 could be looked back upon as the year in which modern business mentality changed its attitude towards technology, and fully embraced IT.

Smart thinking

The changing datacentre landscape

The data centre is getting faster, denser and more complex. Opengear’s Nadir Yilmaz examines how new smart technologies can help meet the demands of the transition while building new levels of resiliency.

DevOps is change and DevOps is changing

DevOps trends for 2016

DevOps has arrived as a legitimate and mainstream means of delivering business value with IT. But by no means has the DevOps concept stopped changing. Kurt Milne examines the DevOps trends that are already on their way.

New release

Apache Lucene and Solr 5.4 get joint update

For all search-engine geeks out there, the Apache Lucene Team has a very special gift for the holidays: Version 5.4.0 of Apache Lucene and Apache Solr has been released! 

Night vs. day

Night owls: Why developers avoid daylight

They say distractions are bad for productive, creative work. That’s maybe the reason so many developers prefer to work at night. But is the need for a distraction-free working environment really the reason for the strange sleeping and working habits of software programmers?

Part V

Common sense software engineering: Estimates & project metrics

Both Agile and DevOps have brought about major improvements in the efficiency of software development. But are teams supposed to get to this improved level of efficiency? Steve Naidamast looks at metrics and the problems of estimates in an agile environment.

Human decisions

Thinking fast and slow within software development

Being human, software developers are destined to make biased decisions that are often influenced by emotions and flawed heuristics. Is there a way to improve decision making in software development, asks JAX London and JavaOne speaker Daniel Bryant.