Changes & improvements

Apache Flink 1.8.0 release resolves over 420 issues and adds new features

The newest release from the Apache Flink framework is here. Their efforts over the past two releases have come to fruition with the new state schema evolution story. This latest release also resolves more than 420 known issues, and adds several new features and improvements.

career tips

It can only get better: How not to turn restructuring into a panic attack

Once in a while companies are being restructured, processes made more efficient, organizations redefined, and departments merged or, in a worst-case scenario, made completely redundant. Whenever management announces changes, the disastrous sword of Damocles looms over each department along with question “Who will get hit and how?”

Watch Julia Wester's DevOpsCon 2018 session

Defending against CDD: Chaos-driven delivery

Teams struggle with how to handle the constant onslaught of overwhelming amounts of work and begin to lose hope. In this talk, Julia Wester explains that if you understand operating systems, you already know a great deal about how to tame the chaos!

Python rates as the most wanted programming language

Stack Overflow developer survey 2019: Python more popular than Java

Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey is back with results for 2019. Find out what technology is most loved, most dreaded, and most wanted. This year there are more insights about the global developer profile, demographics, and what challenges get in the way of workflow. With nearly 90,000 responses from around the globe, this is the world’s largest developer survey.

Streamlining workflows and reducing friction

New development server: Netlify Dev runs Netlify’s edge features on local machines

Netlify Dev offers a new experience for streamlining development cycles. Currently in public beta, it is a plugin that allows users to use features from Netlify’s infrastructure on their local machines. This new feature aims to lessen development friction and allow for developers to preview their dev work quickly with few prerequisites.

Doctor's orders

5 reasons to use RxJava in your projects

Are you ready to use reactive extensions in your code? Today, RedWerk explains how developers can utilize RxJava without needing a prescription. Take advantage of its features to use aysnchronous streams, a functional approach, easy caching, and more!

"I'm not quite sure why serverless didn't take off sooner"

What exactly is Knative? An introduction with Evan Anderson from Google

What are the benefits of serverless computing? What exactly is Knative and what features are still in development? In our interview with Evan Anderson, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, he gives an introduction into the new shiny serverless tooling based on Kubernetes. He also talks about the benefits and the downsides of serverless computing and why it is such a big topic at the moment.

All you need to know

3 tips for serverless success in 2019

Are you looking into serverless adoption? In this article, Richard Seroter of Pivotal shares 3 tips on what should you do in 2019 before you start using serverless products.

Interview with Sven Efftinge, Product Manager at Gitpod & Co-Lead at Theia

Gitpod enters the stage: New IDE for GitHub projects

We first mentioned Gitpod last August. The new concept of this IDE allows you to create individual development environments from relevant GitHub repositories with just one click. Just like Project Theia, the company TypeFox is behind it. Co-founder Sven Efftinge, who is also product manager at Gitpod, introduces the new concept and explains the connection between Theia and Gitpod in an interview with JAXenter.