Interview with Docker Captain Kendrick Coleman

“Docker doesn’t want to be replaced as the container runtime of choice”

How to get started in Docker? What issues do you experience when working with Docker? What is your favorite tip when using Docker? We talked with Kendrick Coleman, Docker Captain and Developer Advocate for {code} by Dell EMC about his experience with Docker and its disruptive nature. We actually asked a whole bunch of Docker Captains to share their Docker stories so stay tuned for more.

Interview with ACI Worldwide's Lu Zurawski & Mark A. Ranta

Are Open APIs changing the game? “Open banking APIs will not kill commercial APIs”

You might already be familiar with open APIs —there are obviously both benefits and drawbacks but this interview is not about them. We talked with ACI Worldwide’s Lu Zurawski & Mark A. Ranta about standardized Open API governance frameworks, open banking APIs vs. commercial APIs, the transformative nature of open APIs and more.

Part five of five

Testing your frontend code: Visual testing

How do you start testing your apps? In part five of five, Gil Tayar concludes his series on frontend testing for beginners. In this final post, Tayar goes over visual testing and why it’s the last step in testing frontend code.

Is the language of your choice bug-prone?

Clojure and Scala are less bug-prone, Python induces more defects, study shows

Have you ever wondered if the language of your choice is bug-prone? A study of the effect of programming languages on software quality (based on GitHub data) has concluded that “functional languages are somewhat better than procedural languages.” Let’s see the results.

Happy birthday, Eclipse MicroProfile!

MicroProfile panel: One year on

MicroProfile has now been around for a year! How did it start? What’s next? In this article, Dominika Tasarz dives deep into MicroProfile to see how far they’ve come in a year.

Post-JavaOne takeaways

JavaOne 2017 afterglow

Oracle has made some significant decisions that will allow Java to continue to move forward at a pace that satisfies both developers who want new features quickly and those that need stability for deployment. If you weren’t at this year’s JavaOne, Simon Ritter reports on what went down at JavaOne and what had changed since he’d last attended.

Ready, set, GO!

Serverless is ready for production

Going serverless is quickly growing in the cloud computing market. With major service offerings from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, this technology is here to stay. In this article, Nathan Taggart of explains why serverless is the best choice.

Interview with Marcus Biel, CleanCode Evangelist and JCP member

Java 9: “Project Jigsaw is finally giving us a badly needed Java seatbelt”

Oracle recently announced the general availability of Java SE 9 — even though it has over 150 new features to offer, the star of the release is the Java Platform Module System, also known as Project Jigsaw. We talked with Marcus Biel, CleanCode Evangelist and JCP member about his favorite features in Java 9, the ones that were not included, Project Jigsaw and the new version numbering scheme.