Eric Horesnyi Keynote

“Now is the time to disrupt finance” | JAX Finance

In the opening keynote at JAX Finance, Eric Horesnyi talked about the actors that lead the change in the FinTech movement and the so-called industry disruptors. He invited the participants on a journey to discover what’s under the hood of this ongoing revolution and to debunk some myths concerning the future of banking and the culture of unicorns.

Better than advertising

Node.js plays in the big leagues thanks to them

Some people still see Node.js as a rookie, but this platform has managed to sneak into the code stacks of tech giants and Fortune 500 companies. It’s safe to say that Node.js is playing in the big leagues thanks to giants such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal and a plethora of others.

For a good cause

IBM joins R Consortium, aims to make analytics easier

As a (new) member of the R Consortium, IBM will work side by side with the R user community and support the project’s mission to pinpoint, create and implement infrastructure projects that drive standards and best practices for R code.

What makes a programming language productive?

“Stop designing languages. Write libraries instead.”

In this article Patrick S. Li, the designer and implementer of L.B. Stanza, suggests that the greatest productivity gains are the result of having a wide spectrum of libraries. The purpose of a general-purpose programming language is to enable the creation of powerful and easy-to-use libraries. The more powerful the language, the easier the libraries are to use.

Love story alert

When Kotlin met Gradle

The idea of having a Kotlin-based approach to writing Gradle build scripts and plugins was enticing enough to convince the JetBrains team and the Gradle team to concoct a way to get the best of both worlds. And this is how Gradle Script Kotlin was born.

A lightweight and modular Java EE 7 Application Server

IBM Liberty: Modular and solid as a rock

Do you actually want to read an article about a Java EE application server? If you agree that the Java EE Stack is still a pillar of modern IT and think that application servers should be reliable, standards-compliant, but also innovative and cool, then Java/Java EE veteran IBM has something to offer — which may come as a surprise to some. This article provides an overview of IBM Liberty, what makes the application server special and why you should work with it.