Oracle turns the page

Oracle pulls the plug on and and were considered for many years the go-to community and hosting sites for projects. With its latest announcement, Oracle proves once again that nothing is everlasting. Both and will cease to exist on April 28, 2016 —fact which sparked discussions within the community.

It's complicated

Vigilante hackers do exist

Countless hackers make the headlines these days for disrupting companies’ activities or secret projects. Some companies even pay hackers to help improve security, but underneath this growing trend there’s an abundance of individuals or groups who use their abilities to make the world a better place.

Everything has a breaking point

Encryption as insurgency

It is almost paradoxical to see the current spat between the FBI and Apple rage on about the latter’s use of strong encryption to protect their customers’ privacy. Though this conflict has become a political one with other overtones, and the FBI has recently claimed that they have successfully broken the encryption of a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, thus no longer necessitating Apple provide them with a solution, this new conflict is far from over.

Building a mobile app can drain your finances

Top hidden costs of developing a mobile app

Research indicates that by the year 2018, 50 percent of smartphone users may fully rely on their mobile phones or tablets to conduct online activities. Mobile apps are gaining momentum, so developers are now actively trying to create new, trendy and innovative mobile apps.