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DevOpsCon Video

DevOps: A Little Automation Goes A Long Way

How can leading Web properties release a dozen versions of their Web apps per day? What are the methods and tools to increase the agility of developers? Where are the pitfalls and tradeoffs of existing solutions?

The end of Java in your browser?

Java deprecated: Oracle buries the Java Browser Plug-in

The Java Browser Plug-in will soon be a thing of the past. As Dalibor Topic announced on Oracle’s Java Platform blog, the plug-in is to be marked at “deprecated” in the upcoming JDK 9 already. Is this the end of Java in browser applications?


Internet of Things: Design from Manufacturing

Mengmeng Chen is head of the US branch of Seeed Studio, an open hardware innovation platform that helps makers turn their cool ideas into reality. In this session, she explores the challenges of hardware product development for the Internet of Things.

Bridging the gap

JMS and the .NET Developer

Much of enterprise software is built on a message-passing paradigm, and the popular .NET and Java platforms both offer APIs that provide access to messaging. While .NET offers access to Microsoft’s MSMQ through a set of standard APIs, there’s a problem: MSMQ isn’t widely used in the enterprise, even in .NET shops.

Newcomer to the Spring Ecosystem

Spring Cloud Task: New Spring project presented for the development of short-lived microservices

As Michael Minella, the project leader of Spring Batch, announced on behalf of his team, a new subproject of Spring Cloud called Spring Cloud Task is ready. The target of Spring Cloud Task is to deliver the necessary functionality to Spring Boot based applications for the support of short-lived microservices. The announcement at the same time marks the release of the first milestone.

Market Requirements – Why Log Management?

NetEye: Our Elastic Stack Story

It all began with the new decree (the “Garante per la protezione dei dati personali”) issued by the Italian data protection authorities in 2008. This regulation (Italian | English) stipulates that all companies must log all administrator’ system access data and keep them archived for at least six months.

Geographic object support for SQL

Getting started with PostGIS

Bringing support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL, PostGIS has several advantages over similar spatial databases like SQL Server and Oracle Locator/Spatial. Adam Wright shows us the extender’s most popular functions, data types and how to get started.