With great power provided by microservices comes great responsibility

Testing Java Microservices: Not a big problem?

The microservice architecture has become the defacto best style for implementing web-based applications. However, with the “great power” provided by microservices comes great responsibilities and challenges. In this article, Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist at OpenCredo and JAX DevOps speaker talks about the challenges of testing Java-based microservices.

Full speed ahead

IoT and its role in transforming the business model

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, but one of the greatest catalysts for the change is the Internet of Things (IoT), which works to connect all sorts of devices around the world. In this article, tech writer Rick Delgado presents the three main ways the IoT is transforming the traditional business model.

Common denominator — Java

Top 5 hottest IT jobs for 2017

Randstad US collected data from their expert recruiters and ranked the most promising IT jobs in 2017. The company came up with a list of roles in high demand this year.

A taste of what's to come

Sneak peek at survey results: These web frameworks are on fire

The JAXenter survey will come to an end soon. What programming languages and web technologies would you like to try out this year? How do you feel about cloud platforms? What Continuous Delivery tools do you plan to use in 2017? You are invited to answer these questions and more in JAXenter’s annual survey.

Polishing the key focus areas

Kotlin 1.1 Beta 2 is out

Kotlin 1.1 will soon be upon us — it reached beta on January 19 and now the second beta is here. Although this one is focused on improving the key focus areas of this release, namely coroutine support and the JavaScript backend, that’s not all.

Alive and well

RethinkDB now calls The Linux Foundation home

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has bought the source code to the RethinkDB database, relicensed it under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (ASLv2) and contributed it to The Linux Foundation.