How to conditionally skip test steps!

What’s new in Eclipse Jubula Oxygen

The latest version of Eclipse Jubula lets you write more complex tests using conditions and loops, and lets you conditionally skip test steps. In this article, Alexandra Schladebeck walks us through some of Jubula’s newest features.

Benefits of using Java for IoT

The role of Java in IoT

IoT has to manage a lot of data streams. That’s where Java can help. In this article, Chirag Thumar explains the role Java can play in IoT and what benefits it can bring to the table.

Head in the clouds

Dedicated servers or cloud computing: The infographic

Choosing between your own dedicated servers or cloud computing is a tough decision. Luckily for you, Jenny Harrison explains how you can make this choice by going over the pros and cons based on variables like performance, speed, cost differentials, and scalability.

Frameworks, I choose you!

Frameworks are the new black

Frameworks are one of the biggest things in computer programming right now. Nisarg Shah explains why you should think of frameworks as the latest phase of evolution in programming languages.

In exchange for goods and services

GitHub’s Marketplace is open and ready for business

GitHub launched their new marketplace feature back in May. We’re checking in to see how bustling this little bazaar of apps and tools is doing. With seven new apps and four new categories, it looks like business is booming.

Interview with Matthew Skelton

DevOps: “Collaboration comes with a cost”

Instead of a very simplistic approach, we need to look for collaboration and interaction patterns that work in different contexts. Collaboration comes with a cost but it produces very good results. However, sometimes it’s better to deliberately introduce a kind of boundary between teams. JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser talked to Matthew Skelton at DevOpsCon 2016 about the need for collaboration and what goes into good team structures.

It's more like a guideline

Code refactoring: Do’s and don’ts

Code refactoring is great, because who doesn’t like optimized code? Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to hard-to-find errors. So, what’s a dev to do? In this article, Lolita Rogers goes over the do’s and don’ts of code refactoring and share some techniques to save yourself trouble down the line.