What’s in a name: Architecture

In this article, innoQ fellow Dr. Gernot Starke, talks about architecture, a term that every person working in IT will have their own distinct opinion about.

Post-EclipseCon Europe 2016 impressions

EclipseCon Europe at a glance

EclipseCon Europe 2016 has come to an end but impressions about the announcements, plans and discussions have just begun to emerge. We invited two speakers and one participant to share their experiences with us.

Changing the zip code might do wonders for your career

12 best-paying countries for Java professionals [Infographic]

Self-doubt can be demoralizing. If you have just switched countries to be with you family or better half and are finding it hard to get a job with your technical skills, you begin to doubt yourself whether your skills as still relevant. As a programmer, you might assume that your Java career may hinder your growth prospects, especially in a new location. However, that’s not necessarily true.

The secret is to embrace it

Skill sets that help you cope with automation takeover

Automation is far more capable than previously imagined. Thanks to advances in machine learning, big data analytics, and early artificial intelligence technologies, jobs that were once thought safe might not be anymore. Automation is happening at a blistering pace. Perhaps you’ve expressed some concern over your own job being taken over by a robot. While concern is more than understandable, there are things you can do to ensure your job remains in human hands.

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What are programmers most scared of this Halloween?

Every developer has endured an uncomfortable, nightmarish situation at one point. If the following examples don’t bring up reminiscences you have tried to repress, we invite you to share your most terrifying memories. This Halloween is all about facing your demons.

Dart Developer Summit 2016

To the future & beyond: AngularDart 2.0

Dart Developer Summit 2016 is happing as we speak in Munich, Germany. For those who want to be brought up to speed on the latest developments, here are the most important announcements of Day 1: AngularDart 2.0 is finally here and Dart is picking up its pace both inside and outside of Google.

Viktor Farcic's DevOpsCon session

Continuous Deployment: How to prevent problems from occurring

In this video, Viktor Farcic, Senior Consultant at CloudBees, talks about the practices and tools required to set up fully autonomous self-healing systems capable of both reactive recuperation from failures and proactive predictions of steps that should be taken to prevent failures before they happen.

Interview with Stefano Zacchiroli, Software Heritage co-founder and CTO

“Setting up an archive of publicly available source code is urgent”

Software Heritage’s goal is to collect, preserve and share the entire Software Commons, that is, all publicly available software in source code form. We talked to Stefano Zacchiroli, co-founder and CTO of Software Heritage, about the mission of this nonprofit initiative, the fragile state of software and the support they receive from countless well-known IT organizations.

Your opinion matters!

JAXenter Survey: Rethink IT

Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Containers, Cloud and an agile company culture — these factors are at the center of the modern DevOps movement. How are things at your company? Are these aspects encouraged, embraced or instituted?

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JAX Magazine — October 2016 — Reactive programming with Scala, Lagom, Spark, Akka and Play

Reactive programming is gaining momentum but people are still reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. To help you overcome the fear of the unknown, we decided to ask Scala, Lagom, Spark, Akka and Play experts to explain how these elements coexist and work together to create a reactive universe. This JAX Magazine issue is packed with goodies — it’s our treat!