The week in Java

Java Weekly 44/15: JVM profiling, JAR Hell, JPA performance

Thorben Janssen returns for this week’s Java news which includes the basics of scaling Java EE applications, an exploration of JAR hell and Bennet Schulz’s second part of his series about MVC 1.0. Check out the hottest Java links and more for the week.

As it happens

JavaOne 2015 Diary – Day 0

JavaOne is happening as we speak and we’ve got Lars Röwekamp reporting on what you want to know from the biggest Java event of the year. Couldn’t make it to the event? Stay tuned for more coverage and conference updates throughout the week!

Top talent search

How to interview and hire a web developer in 4 steps

Knowing how to attract good talent when searching for a web developer can make a huge difference in your company’s success. By knowing how to attract, evaluate and compare top talent, whilst removing the under-performers, you’ll likely have yourself a great developer team.

JavaOne livestream

Watch the JavaOne keynotes online

Not making it over to the JavaOne? No problem – you can still catch all the essentials online by watching the JavaOne keynotes. These are the livestreams Java programmers will want to watch, and where to watch them.

Hell = dependencies

Exploring the depths of JAR hell

JAR hell is an endearing term referring to the problems that arise from the characteristics of Java’s class loading mechanism. Nicolai Parlog is on hand to go through the different problems you might come across whilst exploring these Java anomalies.

For the .NET devs

Using the Xceed “BusyIndicator” Control

If you’re developing with Microsoft’s WPF, then you’re likely aware of Xceed and the confusing “BusyIndicator” control – but have you managed to find a tutorial explaining its implementation? Try this one on for size from regular blogger Steve Naidamast.

Community lessons

Groovy downloads double after joining Apache Foundation

Groovy creator Guillaume Laforge shares some essential lessons on managing programming communities and looks back on Groovy’s miraculous renaissance experience since the language’s departure from Pivotal and move to the Apache Foundation.

Tribes and squads

How Spotify does Agile

Spotify’s famously engineered agile practices have become the stuff of lean legend. The company is growing at a rapid rate and continues to employ its unique brand of agile methodology, which is intricately linked to its organic organisational culture.