Conference highlights

The JAX London sessions every developer should see

The JAX London is happening from October 12-14 and we have the lowdown of the sessions that you won’t want to miss. From distributed systems to coding for desktop and mobile, thrown in with some continuous design, JAX London is the place to be.

Mastering AWS Development


The second part in our three-part series on cloud architecture with AWS, taken from Packt’s title on Mastering AWS Development: looking at AWS EC2 and IAM more closely, including functionality, instance types and pricing.

New and improved

Microsoft unveils Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft’s new and improved Visual Studio 2015 has landed, with arms open wide for development that targets all popular platforms. Microsoft wants their offering to be known as a cross-platform toolset and have the features to show for it.

Controversy brewing

Java 9 without sun.misc.Unsafe: a disaster?

A sore-point has emerged in the upcoming plans for Java 9, namely the projected absence of the private API used by almost every tool, infrastructure software and high performance library built using Java.

Solution found

Solving the Makefile problem

In the first of many future collaborations, ZeroMQ founder Pieter Hintjens describes his journey in finding a solution to the problem of Makefiles via the C programming language and model oriented code generation.