New Types

TypeScript 1.6 is now live

Typescript is now available in version 1.6. The latest drop of Microsoft’s JavaScript extension brings about a handful of improvements, including support for React/JSX, the ability to write class expressions and new features in the Type system.

Five tips to stay secure

Common threats to your VoIP system

VoIP remains a popular system for telephone communication in the enterprise. But have you ever considered the security holes this system is leaving you open to? And what company secrets are at risk of eavesdropping, denial of service and “Vishing” attacks?

Dropping critique bombs

Docker under attack: What motivates Docker’s critics?

Docker has been described as a revelation by some – a technology that allows a sane deployment process that mere lowly, ignorant developers can manage. But it also has its critics. The anti-Docker army has been mobilised and they want everyone to know about it.

The new lean startup

No stack: a leaner tech startup approach

The days when building a new technology meant finding thousands of dollars and full-stack programming knowledge are over. Tech entrepreneur Stoyan Mitov welcomes us to the era of no-stack API-based startups with shorter development times and less expenses.

The week in Java

Java Weekly 38/15: Compose functions, J9 Modules, Monitoring

This week’s Java news sees Thorben Janssen looking at a series about implementing the observer pattern, standardised schema generation via JPA and recordings from the JavaZone 2015 conference. All this and more with this week’s hottest Java links.

Docker basics

Containerization vs Virtualization – An introduction to Docker

As Docker technology gains more popularity among IT professionals, it’s becoming increasingly important for programmers to grasp the basics of containerization. Here we learn why Docker is at the centre of cloud IT era hype, as well as the difference between containerization and virtualization.