Eclipse Oxygen: Fourth milestone is now available

The release train for Eclipse Oxygen has stopped into another station — the fourth milestone of 4.7. While M3 was all about the improvements made under Oxygen’s hood, milestone number four is all about usability and visual appearance.

Choose wisely

Top 5 frameworks for mobile app development

A framework is a complex software development environment. It includes many sub-components which help you create your application. Such sub-components include tools sets, compilers, debuggers, application programming interfaces, different code libraries and many other components. To help you choose a framework which will suit you best here is the list of top frameworks for mobile app development.

"DevOps is magic"

Overcoming obstacles to DevOps — Greg Bledsoe | DevOpsCon 2016

All organizations that did not originate the DevOps moment have a pre-existing culture as well as legacy technology and processes that can be more or less amenable to DevOps implementation. There are several key techniques that an agent of change can implement to smooth the transition and overcome these obstacles on the way to a smoother DevOps deployment process with the re-aligned silos that are characteristic of a healthy DevOps culture.

Interview with Ignasi Barrera, member of the Apache jclouds Project Management Committee

“Open source is where innovation happens today”

Cloud technologies are changing the IT landscape and companies that want to implement a cloud strategy must face the challenges that go hand in hand with this transformation. Apache jclouds, an open source multi-cloud toolkit for the Java platform, helps fill some of the gaps in the cloud landscape. We asked Ignasi Barrera, member of the Apache jclouds Project Management Committee to identify the benefits of jclouds and to clarify what’s under this project’s hood.

“DevOps is a three-legged stool” — Key takeaways from DevOpsCon

Greg Bledsoe, Managing Consultant at Accenture, emphasized in his opening keynote at DevOpsCon that one of the most important rules for DevOps success is to make sure that culture comes first. He taught the audience how to change the organizational culture and identified a handful of obstacles to DevOps. We had a lot to learn from the likes of John Willis and Damon Edwards so let’s take a look at the key takeaways from DevOpsCon.

6 must-have tools for DevOps success

DevOps has gone mainstream; everyone is talking about it, every company is trying to do it and every manager is trying to be successful at it. But for that to happen, we need the right tools. Here are the top 6 must-have tools for DevOps success.

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees

Clinton’s campaign: Could machine learning and Java have prevented their failure to handle big data?

Hillary Clinton’s 18-month campaign as the Democrat candidate for the presidency of the United States has been famously and resoundingly data-driven. A war room of senior analysts, mathematicians and researchers monitored, tracked and calculated every significant movement of her campaign, adjusting strategy to shift focus to different geo-political demographics. The polls gave affirmation that she was on track to win until the final hours of the campaign, but ultimately the pollsters failed to forecast the US election result correctly. A loss not just for Clinton and the Democrats, but for all those who are proponents of the value of data. Or so it is told.

Akka anti-patterns: being out of touch with the hardware

Choosing Akka as a tool is often – if not always – driven by the need for good performance. Surely, the actor model itself is appealing as a means for organizing and reasoning about code, but this isn’t in itself a good reason enough to use the Akka toolkit.

Interview with Anton Weiss, founder, principal consultant and CEO at Otomato

“DevOps is often misinterpreted as ‘everybody now does everything'”

DevOps is on everyone’s lips these days but how many companies have successfully implemented it and what are the elements that lead to a healthy DevOps adoption? We talked to Anton Weiss, founder, principal consultant and CEO at Otomato and DevOpsCon speaker, about the changes that occur in a company once DevOps is instituted and the way in which aspects like open communication and sharing can be sedimented in the company culture.

Leveraging automation in a Continuous Delivery model

4 tips for automating your CD pipeline

Automation is an essential piece of the CD model, providing much-needed consistency and faster turnaround time. Automated processes are easily repeatable as often as you need, and they’re transparent, so you always have a clear audit trail. However, there are problems to overcome in seeking to get the maximum value from automation in a CD model.