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Good news, bad news

Soon-to-be-obsolete IT skills vs programming techniques that will always be in demand

More and more people are concerned about the rise of robots and how they may take over jobs from certain industries. IT masters are now divided into two groups: one which insists that programming will always be in demand and one that points out the skills which may soon become obsolete. Before choosing one of these scenarios, let’s point out the facts and allow arguments to do the heavy lifting.

That feeling when you learn how to cook/code

Coding is like cooking: 7 ways to prove it

Coding and cooking may not have anything in common at first glance, but their similarities transpire as soon as you learn to do both. Coding and cooking bring a sense of control that other occupations do not offer, but this is not their only connection.

To be or not to be

The pros and cons of choosing AngularJS

AngularJS should be among your top considerations when choosing the right JS framework. However, in order to make the selection process fair, it is essential to take into consideration its pros and cons.

Tale as old as time

Microservices vs monolithic architecture: Which comes first?

The smoldering conflict between the cheerleaders of microservices vs monolith architecture is ongoing as industry professionals cannot decide which should come first. Some claim that one should not start with a monolith if the goal is a microservices architecture while others put their faith in monoliths. Each side has a point, but it’s time to shed some light on this never-ending dilemma.