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Package Drone is now an Eclipse project

JAXenter Editorial Team

In an attempt to make it more prominent, Package Drone has been taken under the Eclipse Foundation’s wing, where it will be sure to receive further contributions and support.

The team behind Package Drone have announced that they will be joining the Eclipse Foundation, in a move that is hoped will garner much needed community support and contributor submissions. The software artifact repository is now at the proposal stage under Eclipse, which aims to gather feedback and further support.

The OSGi first software repository

OSGi is now an important part of the technology stack at Eclipse. It enables Eclipse SCADA to be configured at runtime, and provides the possibility of deploying bug-fixes while applications are running. One problem, however, is that all existing repositories work with Maven in mind, while OSGi is hardly considered.

This dilemma will be eliminated with Package Drone: The project aims to create an open source software artifact repository with OSGi bundles being considered as first-class. Although the focus is on the specific requirements of OSGi and its metadata, Package Drone should also provide extension points for other artifacts and repository formats such as DEB / APT and RPM / YUM.

Additional features

So far, Package Drone support includes the extraction of metadata and information aggregation, providing local developer workflows as well as a Web UI. It’s been noted that the project isn’t trying to recreate features that already exist in other repositories, rather, the focus is on flexibility by allowing different views on the same existing artifacts.

Automatic provision of P2 or R5 repositories is also supported, allowing extensions to the system to also support other software artifact and repository formats. Additional functionality such as searching bundles by exported packages is not planned as part of the core project, but has been recognised as a good extension for future work.

A detailed explanation of the project plus the envisaged roadmap can be found over at Package Drone’s proposal page for Eclipse.

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