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OW2 and Eclipse SOA Solution

OW2 Scarbo 1.2 Improves Role to User Mapping

Jessica Thornsby

Maintenance release for SOA-ready OW2 and Eclipse-based BPM solution.

OW2 Scarbo version 1.2 has been announced. This is primarily a maintenance release that features improved role to user mapping, and adds a flexible query model to the remote WorkflowService query API. A DbRoleMapper has been added, which allows Bonita to look in the database to find which users have a given role in a workflow. Tracks can now be listed according to a JWT WAM ProcessQuery.

OW2 Scarbo is an SOA-ready OW2 and Eclipse-based BPM solution, powered by SCA. It boasts an Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling-based workflow modeler and a runtime service and workflow engine and console, based on OW2 Frascati and OW2 Bonita 4.

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