David Barnes keynote JAX 2016

IBM technology evangelist: Outsourcers are “like pizza boxes”

The changing role of the software developer by David Barnes

In his keynote at JAX 2016, David Barnes, IBM’s first technology evangelist, talked about why developers rule the world, how important it is to speak executives’ language and how to avoid being outsourced. He opined that outsourcers are “like pizza boxes: give them a pizza box, stick them in a corner, they finish the code and that’s all they think about — they don’t think about the business.”

Keynote abstract:

There are often disagreements on the precise definition of DevOps, but one thing is clear: developers are now becoming responsible for things that were once the job of Operations. At the same time, users are demanding new applications at a dizzying pace. Combined, these changes bring great news: developers are becoming more vital to the business than ever before. But, with great power comes great responsibility. How do we deal with these new operations tasks while still meeting the demands for new applications? The answer, as always, is for us to learn new skills and to choose the right technologies to help us. In this keynote, you’ll hear from David Barnes, the Program Director of Emerging Internet Technologies at IBM. David will demonstrate how you can use cloud based services and containers to abstract the complexity of operations so you can focus on what’s important to you: creating great applications.

5696591adcb76c08727d9cbbversion272sizefullAs IBM’s first official “Technology Evangelist,” David Barnes has spent more than two decades traveling the world, introducing people to new technologies like the World Wide Web, Web services and SOA, voice recognition, Web 2.0, big data, and IBM Watson. With a continued focus on next-generation technology innovation, David has managed the IBM Solutions Experience Lab in Austin, Texas, and the IBM Extreme Blue innovation laboratory, also in Austin. Today he is helping shape IBM’s strategic efforts around innovations in cloud computing, big data analytics, and other emerging technologies.
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