OSI Membership drive continues

OSI welcomes five new affiliates in continuing reform

Chris Mayer

New Open Source Initiative President Simon Phipps has acted quickly in his tenure adding five new organisation as Affiliate Members – including Wikimedia and the community behind LibreOffice.

The new OSI President Simon Phipps has been quick to put his rubber stamp on the open source evangelising foundation, bringing in five new affiliates as members to strengthen the new Affiliate Scheme.

The non-profit corporation is currently undergoing radical reform, spearheaded by Phipps into opening up towards a membership model. The arrival of five new members is sure to make the OSI even stronger moving forward. Some of those already pledging allegiance to the OSI’s mantra of educating and advocating ‘the benefits of open source’ include the likes of Eclipse, Apache and Mozilla.

The newcomers include:

  • AFUL, Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres (French speaking Libre Software Users’ Association)
  • The Document Foundation, home to the LibreOffice community
  • The OuterCurve Foundation, working to enable the exchange of code and understanding among software companies and open source communities
  • OW2, the open source community for infrastructure software
  • The Wikimedia Foundation, which operates some of the largest collaboratively-edited reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia

Phipps gave all a warm welcome in his blog, before singling out the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation for jumping onboard. He added:

 As well as open source development communities, I would also love to see open source user groups all over the world apply to join OSI, as the French user association AFUL has done.

The Wikimedia Foundation and The Document Foundation are both huge, so to have them engage in the OSI is encouraging. It’s testament to Phipps’ input that the list is already a who’s who of the open source world, and with five more getting the green light, we could see the OSI become a bigger player in educating the globe about the scope of open source. Full details of OSI Affiliate Membership and the names of the Affiliate Members are now available on OSI’s Affiliate Membership pages together with details for other non-profit and not-for profit organisations on how to join.

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