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OSI Board Expands to 11

Jessica Thornsby

The first release of Seam JCR Module and TestNG 6.0 released.

TestNG 6.0 with Guice Support

Version 6.0 of the JUnit and NUnit inspired testing framework, TestNG, has been released. This version introduces YAML as an additional way of specifying test suites for TestNG, and support for Guice. The Eclipse plugin has been updated with a new summary tab for browsing results, improved automatic conversions from JUnit 3 and JUnit 4 to TestNG, and a display view that has been overhauled to more closely match the testng.xml format. TestNG can be downloaded now.

Oracle Update MySQL 5.5 Enterprise Edition

Oracle have announced an update to the MySQL 5.5 Enterprise Edition. MySQL Enterprise Backup and MySQL Workbench are now included in MySQL Enterprise Edition, in addition to integrated MyOracle Support, which gives MySQL users access to the same support infrastructure as Oracle Database customers. The release also comes with MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3, which adds more rules and graphs for optimising the performance and availability of MySQL Database and MySQL Cluster.

First Release of Seam JCR Module

The first release of the Seam JCR module is out now. The Seam JCR module is a portable extension for CDI to a JCR 2.0 compliant implementation. Seam JCR Alpha 1 provides introductory API support, and supports the JCR implementations ModeShape and Jackrabbit. The release comes with functionality for mapping JCR events that are raised when a Session is logged out to be raised as CDI events.

OSI Board Expands to 11

Open Civics Development Specialist Karl Fogel, Apache’s Jim Jagielski and the first staff counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mike Godwin, have joined the Open Source Initiative (OSI) Board. Initially, the Board were looking for replacements for Danese Cooper and Russ Nelson, who will leave the Board on March 31st, but the existing Board decided to create an eleventh seat to accommodate all three of the potential new members.

Simon Phipps also announced that the OSI will move to a representative model, where open source communities “of all kinds” have the possibility to become members and participate directly in the OSI. Moving forward, the OSI plans to change its bylaws to allow entities other than the Board to participate in its governance. “My hope is that we will have simple affiliation rules in place by the middle of the year, and then that we can openly evolve the governance as things progress,” said Phipps.

New Milestone for Spring Data Graph

A new milestone of the Spring Data Graph 1.0 project with Neo4j support has been released. Spring Data Graph 1.0.0.M4 updates Neo4j to 1.3.M04, adds support for fulltext indices and separates indices per domain class. The cross-store persistence has been re-enabled and updated, and the detached/attached state has been simplified. More information on all the fixes is available at the Changelog.

Google Release Android Distribution Data

Google have released the latest data on the current distribution of Android software, based on the Android devices that have accessed the Android Market in a 14-day period, ending on March 15th, 2011.

The data shows that over 60% of the Android devices measured still run Froyo, with Gingerbread making up for less than 2% of the market (Android 2.3 accounts for 0.7 % and Android 2.3.3 for 1%) The latest release, Honeycomb, made its debut with 0.2%.

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