OSGi DevCon 2010 To Be Held In Cooperation With JAX London


OSGi’s official OSGi London DevCon is to be run in cooperation with JAX London. The event will be held at Novotel London West on 23rd February, and will offer a full day of OSGi related tutorials, ranging from a hands-on introduction to OSGi, to an advanced class where attendees will make a service oriented design that is implementable on an OSGi service platform. There will also be presentations and evening BOFs.

OSGi speakers include co-lead of the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment, Chris Aniszczy; and Peter Kriens, OSGi Director of Technology and CEO of software consultancy company aQute. Also speaking will be author of ‘Java Design: Objects, UML, and Process’ and creator of open source utility JarAnalyzer, Kirk Knoernschild; and Mike Keith, co-lead of EJB 3.0 and JPA 1.0 specifications, who also represents Oracle on the JPA 2.0 (JSR 317) and Java EE 6 (JSR 316) expert groups. A full program of speakers is available at the JAX London website, along with a timetable.

Special pricing is available for attendance to OSGi London DevCon London only, which includes access to all OSGi London DevCon sessions, the JAX Expo, OSGi London DevCon BOFs and evening drinks reception. Full pricing details for OSGi London DevCon and JAX London are available at the JAX London website, and registration can be completed online. 

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