Initiative to bring more organisations in?

OSGi Alliance announces new membership structure

Chris Mayer

Alliance say it will increase membership viability and value for more stakeholders

Open group of technological innovators, the OSGi Alliance have introduced a new organisational structure for its member companies – aiming to draw more firms towards the group.

The restructuring will prompt ‘more organisations to participate in the technical development and evolution of OSGi technology.’

President of the OSGi Alliance, Richard Nicholson said of the restructuring:

OSGi technology is deployed in Fortune Gold 500 companies, small and medium enterprises and open source communities. Restructuring our membership agreements should make the Alliance better and stronger for millions of direct and indirect OSGi users.

It provides more options – including for our current members who have been vital in developing and deploying OSGi technology worldwide – to participate in both leadership and technical roles within the Alliance, strengthening the open industry standard and benefiting from its growing value.

The new tiered structure includes the following benefits for each level –

  • Strategic Member -$25,000 annually.

Under this tier, members receive full strategic rights in elections, access to all certification test suites and OSGi Alliance committees, meetings, events and e-mail lists. They have an active duty to participate specifications but no concrete commitment has to be made. Eligible as candidate for Board of Directors.

  • Principal Member – $20,000 annually, $10,000 for less than 250 employees or fewer

Same benefits as Strategic but ineligible for seat on Board of Directors.

  • Contributing Associates – $5,000 annually

Able to contribute and 2 individuals allowed to represent on Expert Groups

A fourth group, dubbed Supporter can promote the group on their website (with logo) and discounts towards participating in meetings.

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