Develop and Test Your Social App with OSDE Project

OSDE Interview

Jessica Thornsby

OSDE “allows developers to develop and test the social application in the developer’s PC only.”

As the web becomes more social, developers are beginning to address the problems that can arise when creating new social applications. OSDE is one of these tools that attempts to make developing and testing a social application easier. JAXenter spoke to project creator Yoichiro Tanaka, to find out more…..

JAXenter: What are the goals of the OSDE project?

Yoichiro Tanaka: A development for a social application is very difficult, because developers must confirm the developed application on some social networking services. The confirmation of the social application needs to prepare some friends. Of course, developers may cause real friends trouble. OSDE has a minimum social networking service, and it allows developers to develop and test the social application in the developer’s PC only. As the result, I expect that most developers who develop a social application can develop and test an application more easily and quickly.

JAXenter: What technologies are running behind the scenes of OSDE?

Yoichiro Tanaka: Of course, it is OpenSocial. OSDE allows developers to run the OpenSocial application in the environment of OSDE easily. In addition, OSDE is using Apache Shindig which is a reference implementation of an OpenSocial container. In other hand, OSDE was developed as an Eclipse plug-in, thus it is IDE.

JAXenter: What functionality is included in the latest release?

Yoichiro Tanaka: The latest release of OSDE has many functions like below:

* OSDE has an OpenSocial container based on Apache Shindig, and developers can launch it quickly.
* A developer can generate a project for his/her social application. Of course, he/her can execute the project at the time when the project is generated.
* OSDE has a minimum social networking service, and developers can create test data in a database OSDE has.
* A developer can deploy his/her application to iGoogle directly.

JAXenter: What are the next steps for the project?

Yoichiro Tanaka: Unfortunately, OSDE has supported the version number 0.9 of OpenSocial. I want to update the version of Apache Shindig OSDE has internally. And, I also support an OpenSocial WAP extension specification and for Smart-phone development on OSDE, because a market of a social application will shift to mobile-devices. Of course, I intend to upgrade an editor, a runtime environment, a code testing and a code generation. Finally, I want to increase committers of OSDE! :)

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