Hosted Orion Implementation Available Now

OrionHub Beta Announced at EclipseCon

Jessica Thornsby

More and more software development is moving to the cloud and web.

The Eclipse Foundation have announced a beta of OrionHub, a hosted implementation of the Orion platform for building and integrating web development tools. The beta is open to the first 5000 developers who sign up, although additional slots may be added at a later date. JAXenter spoke to Director of Marketing, Ian Skerrett, to find out more about OrionHub.

JAXenter: You have just announced a beta version of the OrionHub service. What is OrionHub?

Ian Skerrett: OrionHub is a hosted service of the Orion technology. It allows developers to use and experiment with Orion without requiring them to do any installation.

JAXenter: What functionality is included in this beta release?

Ian: OrionHub is based on the most recent M6 milestone from the Orion team. It includes an editor for JavaScript, HTML and CSS development, integration with git, and the ability to integrate other JavaScript tools.

JAXenter: How can developers get access to OrionHub?

Ian: They can sign-up for an account at We are limiting access to the first 5000 developers, so we can gather feedback from the community.

JAXenter: What is the current status of the Orion project?

Ian: It is very early days for the Orion project. The initial code contribution was made by IBM in January. The focus right now is to create a community around Orion. We just completed a very good planning meeting where we had people from different companies in attendance. We want to encourage people to try out Orion, provide feedback and maybe start to participate in the project.

JAXenter: In your opinion, how will the shift towards developing apps for the cloud, affect the software development tools market?

Ian: More and more software development is moving to the cloud and web. Given the innovations and improvements in the browser technology, I think it is feasible to provide a first-class tooling experience within a web browser. Web-based tools have the potential to be a lot easier to integrate and certainly easier to deploy. It also opens the potential for new tools, like collaboration or server-side code analysis, that might not have been possible with desktop tools. It is still early days but over the next couple of years we will see some new innovations in this area.

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