Browser-Based Web Development

Orion 0.3 M2 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Updates for Eclipse’s web-based development tool.

The second milestone build of Orion 0.3 is now available. This release adds support for hyperlinks and code folding in the Orion editor, although code folding is currently only available in JavaScript files:



How errors are displayed in the editor has been improved, with the hover text on errors now including an icon, and the editor having the ability to differentiate between errors and warnings, with both being underlined in the text, in addition to the usual ruler annotations. The Orion editor no longer has any dependency on Dojo, which reduces the overall editor package, and should make it easier to reuse the editor within other JavaScript frameworks. The search results page has been redesigned for the 0.3 M2 release, and a implementation of the orion.core.file service is included for working against a WebDAV server.