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Oracle’s u-turn on Cloud – From ‘gibberish’ to a new Head of Cloud

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Oracle has drastically changed it’s views on cloud based operations over the last few years – from slamming the entire branch of computing to hiring a new Head of Cloud.

Oracle has announced the appointment of  SAP’s former cloud business executive to manage their cloud portfolio.

Shawn Price, will assume the role of senior VP for marketing and product strategy. The annoucement was made by Oracle’s joint CEO Mark Hurd and part of Orcale’s aggressive move into the cloud services business.

Price was pushed out of SAPs after five months in a move by the company to reshuffle their management and prioritise different areas but it seems that SAP’s loss is Oracle’s gain.

The appointment and the current investment in cloud services marks a u-turn in Orcale’s views on the wonders of cloud computing. Following Larry Elison’s previous statements that cloud computing was “complete gibberish”, it seems that Oracle is attempting to up their cloud service game and make up for the false predictions by the company’s former CEO.

At Oracle OpenWorld Larry Ellison took to the stage to discuss what Oracle is planning with their cloud computing. The current CTO and former CEO presented Oracle’s new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. Ellison was keen to highlight the improvements Orcale has made to the service that they launched over two years ago.

During his talk Ellison said that this service offered a modernisation for user’s applications and that a move would automatically update and patch software. To close the talk he stated that PaaS would become the Oracle’s biggest cloud service.


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