Oracle’s Sun Java Wireless Client Now Available


Qualcomm and Oracle have announced the availability of Oracle’s Sun Java Wireless Client for Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP). Sun Java Wireless Client is Sun’s Java ME implementation for mobile handsets and will now come pre-integrated with Brew MP. This will allow Qualcomm-based devices to run Java ME applications.

“Handset manufacturers and developers alike are provided with a turnkey solution to incorporate Java technology into mobile devices based on Brew MP in a consistent manner across devices, ensuring seamless integration and coexistence of Java applications with Brew MP native applications,” reads the press release posted on Qualcomm’s website.

Oracle’s Sun Java Wireless Client is a combination of Java Virtual Machine acceleration technologies such as Java HotSpot and ARM Jazelle. The software is also integrated with Brew MP Windows Manager, enabling Brew MP TaskTray to switch between running Java and native applications.

More information about the Brew platform, is available at their website.


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