Hotspot Express – Coming to JDK7

Oracle’s Plan for Integrating Hotspot Express into JDK7u

Jessica Thornsby

Oracle’s Erik Trimble posts process for integrating Hotspot Express versions with JDK 7u.

Oracle’s Erik Trimble has posted a description of the process for integrating Hotspot Express versions into the JDK 7u series.

Hotspot does not push individual, or small groups, of fixes, instead delivering fixes in a constantly-moving development train, before pushing that development track back into existing update releases. The contents of this latest hsx/hsxN/hotspot repository will be subjected to QA cycle, as a possible candidate for inclusion in the 7u series. All the changes will be detailed in a webrev, which will be posted to – this will be purely for informational purposes, not for reviewing and approval. The 7u Technical Lead will then approve the Hotspot update, and the Hotspot snapshot will be pushed into the 7u-dev/hotspot Integration area. Upon passing all relevant testing, the contents will be pushed into the Master area. Please note that this process will not apply to 7uN repositories, as all fixes for Hotspot for 7uN releases will follow the standard JDK processes.

At the post, Trimble raises the question of whether the push of the Hotspot snapshot into 7u-dev/hotspot should happen straight after approval from the Technical Lead, which will most likely be before QA has finished on the snapshot. Feedback on this proposal, can be posted at the mailing list now.

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