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Oracle wants DB admins to recertify

Coman Hamilton

If you certified on a database older than Oracle 10g, then your qualification will soon be meaningless, says Oracle.

Database administrators certified by Oracle are to be required to go through the certification process a second time. The company believes that the current standard of certification for older databases is outdated and is ‘retiring’ the credentials of older databases.

“Our new policy requires you as an Oracle Database certification holder to demonstrate your knowledge with the most recent trends, techniques and best practices in Oracle Database technology.”

Oracle has outlined a number of changes to its database credentials in order to “meet industry expectations”. Meanwhile, the Oracle pages explaining these changes have ironically been left with the following template title: “Please Enter the Title”

12 months until ‘retirement’

The policy change applies to DBAs qualified with databases older than Oracle 10g, which will be required to re-certify in order to remain ‘active’. “You will lose access to your certificate and logo on CertView if your credential becomes inactive,” Oracle’s re-certification website threatens. The following DBAs have 12 months to go through the process again before their status is turned to retired.

  • Oracle7.3 Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8 Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8 Database Operator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8i Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8i Database Operator Certified Professional
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional – Special Accreditation: Managing Oracle9i on Linux
  • Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master

Any administrators using the above certification that don’t update their credentials before November 1, 2015 will not have access to “Oracle Certification benefits”. The re-training and re-certification required to hold on to these won’t be cheap,

Oracle’s recertification policy follows a similar announcement by VMware earlier this year, which has called on its certified professionals to re-qualify every two years.

Coman Hamilton
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