The CI server continues its moving process

Oracle upgrades Hudson plug-in infrastructure

Chris Mayer

Hudson moves over the plugin architecture to Oracle servers. Looks like they are ready to attract some of those enterprise users back.

The plug-in infrastructure of CI server Hudson is now being housed on a new dedicated machine infrastructure provided by Oracle, their blog has announced.

In the midst of transitioning the core project to the Eclipse Foundation, as well as trying to stem the tide of users switching to fork Jenkins, Hudson is undergoing radical changes behind the scenes in terms of architecture to comply with Eclipse standards.

On the previous weekend, the wiki along with the JIRA issue server and Hudson on Hudson were moved from the original Sun provided machines to their new powerful home at Oracle. Hudson-on-Hudson has a new dedicated host with two slaves each with 16GB of memory, whilst the wiki, JIRA and Crowd servers are in a new 32GB machine.

The Hudson team encourage the community to start using the new Eclipse Wiki for documentation in the future, yet the old one will still be accessable as an archive of sorts. The JIRA issue server will continue to be the main entry point for plugin-related issues with the Eclipse Bugzilla maintaining all the core stuff. 

They seem pretty optimistic that Hudson can ride high once again, under the Eclipse banner.

This fab new machine infrastructure ensures that Hudson and its plugin infrastructure are future-proofed and ready for growth over the coming years as more and more enterprise users come on board.

Now that some fundamental issues have been resolved, the challenge is on to attract said enterprise users. We wait with bated breath.

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