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Oracle to revitalize Java mobile with new mobile OpenJDK project

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Oracle has proposed an OpenJDK project that aims to breathe new life into Mobile Java by porting the JDK to popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

As reported by Ben Evans on InfoQ, Oracle has proposed a new project that will port OpenJDK to iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

The project will be based on OpenJDK9 will offer support for iOS x64/arm64, Android x86/arm, Windows 10 x64 Surface Pro, and an equivalent of Java 8’s Compact2 profile via Java 9 modules. As Ben Evans reports, the OpenJDK committer Bob Vandette, the prospective new project lead, has already confirmed that Oracle intends to participate on a larger scale.

In the OpenJDK mailing list, Vandette, who has worked on Java SE embedded and mobile platforms for 15 years, said that Oracle will contribute to a range of changes to the hotspot and JDK source code needed in order to make them suitable for mobile platforms, “including the ability to produce static Java runtimes and modifications to the Zero interpreter required for iOS ARM devices.” The build system will also be supplied by Oracle.

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According to Evans, the mobile OpenJDK project has not yet been approved by the voting members of the OpenJDK, but evidently already been met with widespread support. It’s possible that Oracle still sees a place for “real” Java in the world of modern mobile platforms. We’ll know more once an official confirmation from Oracle arrives.

The news of Oracle moving to secure its foothold in mobile comes amid growing concern over JVM neglect. Following the layoff of Java’s leading evangelists, a top-level source at Oracle anonymously rose concerns over how Java is suffering under the company’s late Cloud focus.

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