Oracle To Drop Project Kenai


Oracle has revealed that it plans to discontinue the open source project host Project Kenai for public use. Oracle will continue to use it internally.

Oracle will phrase out Project Kenai’s public-facing domain as part of a “consolidation process,” according to a statement posed on Kenai’s website. The statement goes on to explain:

“This action is being undertaken to provide the best project hosting solution for all of our customers into one location. Minimizing the number of current project hosting sites is a start in this direction.” Project Kenai.

“I can only hope oracle adds Kenai functionality to,” commented one Kenai user on the statement “I love the Kenai integration in NetBeans and think that it would be valuable to the community as a whole.”

Oracle advises users to keep an eye out for data and project migration timelines which will appear at the Kenai website, and for updates at the ‘Sun and Oracle: Overview And FAQ For The Developer Community.’

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