Oracle Look to Shake Up JCP

Oracle Submit New JSR to ‘Revitalise’ JCP

Jessica Thornsby

Oracle have submitted the first of two JSRs to change the JCP.

Oracle has submitted a new ‘’ Java Specification Request (JSRs) in an effort “to update and revitalize the JCP.” JSR 1 proposes a new version of the JCP Process document, and will formalise the Executive Committee (EC) Members’ Guide. This JSR requires all Expert Group (EG) operations to be carried out in public forums, and calls for increased transparency of the recruiting process for EG members. It will also investigate ways to disclose TCK testing process results, and ways to allow all JCP members to participate in EC activities through public forums. JSR 1 is currently expected to be completed and approved within six months.

A second JCP-orientated JSR ( JSR 2) will be submitted shortly, and will involve modifications to the JSPA. This JSR is expected to take 12-18 months to complete. Both JSRs will go through the same JSR development process as other Java technologies, including being voted on by the JCP Executive Committee.


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