Hudson/Jenkins Split

Oracle State It’s Business As Usual For Hudson

Jessica Thornsby

“We can start to put this saga behind us and get back to work,” say Oracle.

Following 214 votes in favour of renaming Hudson to Jenkins, Oracle representatives have posted a few comments regarding the community split, in which they seem to stress that it’s business as usual. “Now that the fork has happened, we can start to put this saga behind us and get back to work,” writes Susan Duncan on the Future of Hudson thread. Oracle have also updated the Hudson website with a reference to the Jenkins project:

“Many of you may be aware that Andrew Bayer and Cloudbees (where Kohsuke Kawaguchi now works) have confirmed their intent to fork Hudson into a new community. We want the Hudson community to know that we have a dedicated team that includes people from Oracle, as well as some of our partners and current Hudson community members who will continue to build and grow the Hudson project and community. Your current installations will continue to run fine, and you won’t need to change any code. You can still come to for all things Hudson.”

Oracle have revealed that the Hudson mailing list on google groups will be replaced by the Hudson mailing list, and that there is currently a mirror of the Hudson github repository available on, where users can continue to check things in. Moving forward, Oracle will focus on fixing high-priority bugs in the current Hudson release, and formalise a development and release process with a focus on allowing Hudson users to have a deeper insight into what is being changed, why it is being changed, and when their bugs will be fixed. Later this week, Oracle will announce a new release of Hudson which will de-couple the Hudson code from the old auto-update centre. Currently, if developers use auto-update with version 1.395 or earlier, they are taken to a site asking them to install Jenkins.

“I look forward to working closely with the community on where to go from here,” concludes Susan.

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