Adopt-a-JSR gets adopted

Oracle reach out to JUGs to help finalise EE 7

Elliot Bentley

With the 2013 deadline looming, the Java EE 7 team are asking for last-minute feedback on many of its key new features.

With only a few months to go, the Java EE 7 team are reaching out to Java user groups (JUGs) around the world to help provide feedback before the release goes gold.

Oracle are hoping to capitalise on the popularity of the Adopt-a-JSR scheme, which has already been adopted by many JUGS around the world.

“We’ve seen great success with Adopt-a-JSR efforts so far,” wrote Java evangelist Arun Gupta in an email to JUG leaders, shared with JAXenter. “As part of Java EE 7, several new JSRs [specification requests] such as WebSocket, JSON, Caching, and Concurrency for EE, are getting added to the platform to make it richer and complete.”

However, the team are looking for further feedback as the deadline looms. With Java’s glacial release cycle (and even slower adoption), it would be an understatement to say that it’s important they get it right the first time. The team are asking for feedback on 15 individual JSRs – specifications for new Java features – including the WebSocket API, version 2.0 of the RESTful Web Services API and the infamous Caching API.

Pioneered by the London Java Community, the adopt-a-JSR scheme encourages JUG members to to get involved in JSRs to help shape the future of the language. It has since spread around the world, and the scheme has been so successful that the London Java Community was awarded with a Duke’s Choice award at JavaOne this year for its contributions to Java and the JSP.

For more information, check out Arun Gupta’s blog post or visit

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