Perhaps they are taking it seriously?

Oracle pushing JavaFX 2, Stephen Chin and Jim Weaver enlisted as evangelists

Chris Mayer

Big boost for JavaFX as fanatics Stephen Chin and Jim Weaver both join the Java Evangelist Team for JavaFX

If there wasn’t evidence already, Oracle has certainly reassured many of its commitment to JavaFX 2, by enlisting two Java Champions as JavaFX evangelists in Stephen Chin and Jim Weaver.

In fact, Stephen’s April Fools Day post where he said he was joining NASA to help them conquer space and a big red planet wasn’t too far off. He had indeed quit his job to become an official JavaFX evangelist and everything was true bar the company he was joining. He was indeed about to go on voyage towards another red giant.

Oracle have long talked up the capabilities of JavaFX 2, and this move certainly strengthens that case by bringing in two JavaFX gurus. Both have been instrumental in propelling the platform forward, especially where it comes to its use with alternative JVM languages.

Chin admitted in a blogpost he was sceptical of Oracle’s commitment towards the platform for creating RIA applications, but noted a few changes that made him reconsider:

  • Oracle released Java 7 on time and within a year (something Sun never did).
  • The donation of Hudson and OpenOffice to Eclipse and Apache respectively after forking, freeing up space for other projects.
  • Revamping JavaFX in 2.0 by starting afresh, giving it true ‘performance, Java language support, and business focused controls to be a worthy successor to Swing’.
  • In turn, this shows their commitment long-term.
  • The potential to be the standard for cross-platform mobile rich applications.

The last one appears to be the clincher. As Stephen adds:

Right now you have to choose between with the limited functionality, poor usability, and device incompatibility of web-based cross-platform frameworks or the high cost of writing multiple native applications.  I had high hopes that Flash would fulfill the gap between these two approaches, but Adobe fumbled he ball.  Fortunately, JavaFX has shown great promise in this area with some impressive technology demos at JavaOne, and has the opportunity for a touchdown with a business-focused release of JavaFX 2 on mobile.

We think this is brilliant news for the JavaFX community – getting a committed duo in at the big house will hopefully propel JavaFX 2 to the stars with a sense of realism too. As Stephen says we can ‘expect plenty of blogs, articles, demos, and the usual satiric, but realistic, developer viewpoint on the Java platform as I dig my heels in at the big red giant!’

Our congratulations from JAXenter!


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