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Oracle pushes back date for Java EE 8 release

Natali Vlatko
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The official release of Java EE 8 has been postponed after the team formally launched it in September 2014. Now, almost one year after the formal announcement, another round of formalities and demands sees a 2017 release schedule.

Oracle have given an update on the Java EE 8 road map – it’s bad news for those counting on a 2016 release. Last year’s JavaOne Conference saw the Java EE team set a target for 2016 as its release goal, however this date has now been officially pushed back to 2017:

We are therefore publicly announcing that we are now changing our target time frame for the completion of this work to the first half of 2017.  We will be updating the target dates for the JSRs under the Java EE umbrella to reflect this change.

The decision to delay the release of Enterprise Edition 8 means that the community has more opportunities to get involved while target dates for JSRs are fine-tuned. In his announcement of the change, Java EE product manager John Clingan highlighted the Model-View-Controller (MVC 1.0) Specification (JSR 371) as an area in need of feedback.

Clingan cited “the various latencies involved in launching expert groups” as well as “other demands” for the need to tweak the release schedule. In order to be transparent about the work going into the Java EE Platform, Clingan noted that an open announcement about their plans was necessary.

He also gave a shout out to the Java User Groups who he felt were currently active in EE 8 participation, mentioning the likes of CJUG and Morocco JUG.

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The goals of Java EE 8 involve building upon the success of the previous release by carrying support for the latest web standards: HTTP/2 support, HTML5 server-sent events, action-based MVC, standardised binding between JSON text and Java objects, updates to Java API for WebSocket and JSON processing.

The expert group that is specifically looking at the Java EE 8 specification (JSR 366) includes Bill Shannon and Linda DeMichiel from Oracle, recently crowned Java Champion David Blevins, Antoine Sabot-Durand and Jason Greene from Red Hat and Ruslan Synytsky for Jelastic, Inc.

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