Oracle Pulls Funding On Sun’s Project Wonderland


After announcing they would phase out Project Kenai’s public domain in the next sixty days, it has emerged that another Sun project has fallen foul of the Oracle takeover.

Oracle will no longer apply development resources to Sun’s Project Wonderland; an open source toolkit for creating dynamic learning environments, collaborative business applications, and interactive, multi-user simulations.

However, some of the Wonderland team have pledged to continue the project on the project’s Wonderblog.

“Those of us who have worked so hard to bring this project to life still wholeheartedly believe in it. A core group of the Wonderland team intends to keep the project going,” reads the post. They claim that three companies are currently offering Wonderland-related products, with a further eight offering Wonderland world-building services.

They will pursue both for-profit and not-for-profit options in a bid to become a self-sustaining organisation.

A preview of Wonderland version 0.5 is due to be released next week.

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