Oracle Hit 'Prior Art' Block

Oracle Patents Declared Invalid in Android Dispute?

Jessica Thornsby

According to a report, the Patent Office have declared 24 Oracle claims invalid.

According to a report by H Online, the US Patent Office and Trademark Office has provisionally declared 24 of Oracle’s claims against Google’s Android, as being invalid based on ‘prior art.’ The USPTO based this decision on a patent described as ‘Computer system security method and apparatus for creating and using program authorization information data structures,’ which was granted in 1994, before Sun filed its Java patent application. The patent office also cited two 1996 publications as evidence that Sun’s method for protecting applications, was anticipated by prior art. This decision means that five of the seven patents Oracle claims the Android OS infringed upon, have been either partially or fully invalidated, although Oracle do now have the option of appealing.

The H Online report claims that this may cause the lawsuit against Google to be postponed, allowing all the patents to be fully examined.