Oracle takes an early lead in 2012's Big Data race

Oracle makes Big Data head-start with Cloudera

Chris Mayer

Any questions of Oracle’s commitment to Big Data are well and truly answered with the release of Hadoop-powered Big Data Appliance

We’ve all seen the predictions – Big Data is this year’s talking point and more specifically the big data processing solution Hadoop. All the contenders were holding their cards close to their chests, waiting to see how others would fare first before going all in.

That was until now – Oracle have announced the general availability of their prototype solution, Big Data Applicance. What is most significant about this move is the tie-up with Hadoop expert, Cloudera for this system, claiming to get the best value out of Enterprise Big Data.

Oracle Big Data Appliance comes with Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH), along with the Cloudera Manager software. The rack also comes with a copy of the Oracle NoSQL Database and HotSpot JVM. The whole hardware and software package costs $450,000, with an annual support fee for both hardware and software of 12% – a very low marker when compared to the predicted $750,000 from analysts.

George Lumpkin vice president product data warehousing at Oracle, acknowledged this move to become a staple for big data processing

 We recognize the market we’re competing in and what competitors may be offering. We had to be competitive.

Kurt Dunn, Cloudera’s chief operating officer told InformationWeek:

Oracle has put together a very comprehensive product that is priced very well.

The addition of Oracle Big Data Connectors (effectively a set of drivers) allows customers to easily integrate data stored in Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL Database with Oracle Database 11g. These Big Data Connectors will cost $2,000 per processor license.

George Lumpkin, Oracle’s vice president of data warehousing product management was enthusiastic over the possibilities for Oracle’s Big Data Appliance

“A lot of organizations have become very interested in big data. There is tremendous business value in analyzing new types of business data.

With Cloudera by their side, key Hadoop components and expert knowledge will go into Oracle’s ‘big daddy’ so to speak, giving it huge potential. Cloudera has the most customers and experience in the Big Data field making this alliance very powerful indeed. Its only real competition currently is the MapR fueled EMC Greenplum Apache Hadoop distribution, with other large vendors such as Microsoft’s Hortonworks offering yet to have a set release date in 2012.

Oracle’s plans for a Hadoop-powered system were confirmed back in October, but no one really expected a release so soon, as Oracle didn’t give any indication of a release date. Now that it has arrived, it suggests that they had been planning an early assault with Cloudera.

It could be seen as a risky strategy, with Hadoop’s benefits not yet proven on such a scale. But with analysts across the board predicting big things for Big Data, this move could prove vital in the long run especially with the aggressive pricing strategy. 

Your move, Big Data competitors.


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